A Tale of Two Taupes – Vintage AWL Dooney & Bourke

One of the most popular All Weather Leather colors in the vintage Dooney & Bourke (Made in USA) line of handbags and wallets was Taupe.

Look how these two bags in taupe look so different with their respective trims.

If your eyes are like mine, the taupe in the bag with the Burnt Cedar trim looks very brown !

While the taupe with the British Tan trim almost looks a little brighter and rosier!

They are both the same taupe – Its a trim trick !

Vintage Belt Bag Style B700 Taupe with Burnt Cedar trim

Vintage Belt Bag
Style B700 Taupe with Burnt Cedar trim

Vintage Belt Bag Style R700 Taupe with British Tan trim

Vintage Belt Bag
Style R700 Taupe with British Tan trim



Accessory Week at Horsekeeping’s Dooney & Bourke Store

This week I gathered all those precious accessories that we used INSIDE our favorite Dooney & Bourke handbags.

Vintage All Weather Leather Dooney & Bourke accessories have a embossed label on the inside that says “Dooney & Bourke Made in USA”

embossed-dooney-mark-150wIf the Made in USA portion is missing, well that tells you it was not Made in the USA ! Whether it is an authentic Dooney & Bourke item, will depend case by case.

Here are a few examples of some authentic vintage Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather, Made in USA accessories with the item number and official name indicated.

W09 Organizer

W09 Organizer

W21 Checkbook Cover

W21 Checkbook Cover

G03 - Secretary

G03 – Secretary

WB 77 - Eyeglasses Case

WB 77 – Eyeglasses Case




Maxi Week at Horsekeeping’s Dooney & Bourke Store

This week we rounded up all the big boys or girls as it were – everything from totes to briefcases to shoppers – the big daddies that hold tons of stuff. So here they are:


R 41 Shopping Tote


R12 Legal Brief British Tan


P 12 Legal Brief Black


P 307 Small Bucket Bag from the Metro Collection



Fir Week at Horsekeeping’s Vintage Dooney & Bourke Store

This week I have rounded up all the fir bags we had waiting to be listed.

What says Dooney and Bourke better than a Vintage All Weather Leather Made in USA Fir and British Tan handbag??

R28 Small Satchel

R28 Small Satchel

R74 Cavalry Body Bag

R74 Cavalry Body Bag

R19 Classic Zip Top

R19 Classic Zip Top

R751 Vintage Flap Bag

R751 Vintage Flap Bag

R26 Small Essex

R26 Small Essex

R25 Medium Essex

R25 Medium Essex

That’s all the wonderful Dooney green I could find.


Bone Week Continues at Horsekeeping’s Dooney & Bourke

More newly listed Bone Week bags for spring and summer in our Dooney & Bourke store.

Here they are with their official names and numbers:

Small Carpet Bag Model R47

Small Carpet Bag
Model R47

Vintage Organizer W74

Vintage Organizer W74


R720 Zipper Clutch

R720 Zipper Clutch



R26 – Small Essex


R29 - Classic Satchel

R29 – Classic Satchel


R04 - Small Norfolk Case

R04 – Small Norfolk Case


R191 Small Flap Bag

R191 Small Flap Bag

And one white one snuck in !!!

R147 Carpet Shoulder Bag

R147 Carpet Shoulder Bag


Dooney & Bourke Leather Colors from a vintage catalog

This is the oldest Dooney & Bourke catalog that I have. There is no date on it but it does say Volume IV on the front.


From the models inside and the pricing note on the order form, it seems like it was printed in July 1987.

These are the colors and their names from 1987 – as you read the color names, note that the second photo should be next to the first one………..so………….

In the first photo the top two are Ivy and Rouge

then in the second photo, the top two are Wheat and Olive Brown.

And so on………..

colors 1colors 2

I hope this is of interest and is helpful.


We have no connection with eBay – please help

I would like to thank very warmly the various readers of this blog and customers who visit our Horsekeeping website who have written us when they see sellers on eBay pretending to be us or mentioning an association with us.

I am asking for your help – if you see our Dooney store used or mentioned on eBay, please let us know.

We do no selling whatsoever on eBay nor do we have any connection with eBay.

Here is the type of things that has been reported to us.

Someone will copy and paste entire pages from our website to list their bags. In some cases they even use our photos !!!!  All of the material and photos on our website are copyrighted so it is illegal to do this and fraudulent of a seller to use our description and/or photos to list a bag.  Here is what it looks like on an eBay listing when someone steals from our website.

©  2014 Horsekeeping LLC    © Copyright Information
Length (left to right)
7 1/2 inches
8 inches
Width (depth at base)
2 1/2 inches


British tan
TAG: Red, white and blue
“Made in USA” sewn inside?
B2 885577
Not applicable to this style.
Yes, Duck
©  2014 Horsekeeping LLC    © Copyright Information
Drop length
Read about drop length
22 inches at longest
20 inches at shortest

©  2014 Horsekeeping LLC    © Copyright Information

– 1 slip pocket
– 1 zipper pocket
– 1snap pocket
1 back slip pocket with post and tab closure
FASTENER, Front, type
Brass keyhole latch; stamped on leather: “Dooney & Bourke USA”
Score (see chart below)
©  2014 Horsekeeping LLC    © Copyright Information
  • Pebbled All-Weather Leather®
  • 100% Brass Hardware
  • Hand fitted base
  • Original paper sticker inside behind pockets
  • Exceptionally clean inside and out
  • Red, white and blue “Dooney & Bourke Made in USA” sewn-in cloth tag with serial number on the back
  • No smoke or pet odors
  • No tears, damage, stains, missing or broken parts except as noted below.
Normal wear may include lightening or darkening of leather, light scuffing on corners, light scratches and tarnish on brass fittings.

– Less than normal wear

$185 in 1994

So if you see our characteristic table, especially with the unique light turquoise and our copyright line ©  2014 Horsekeeping LLC    © Copyright Information
  ((how bad is that – like stealing in broad daylight ??)) on an eBay listing, please contact me !! I would be very grateful.
Here is how to contact me – click Paula

Another thing people do is say something like this which was on a recent listing that was called to our attention:

“Please check out the Horsekeeping site which has become a recognized expert in Dooney and Bourke bags. This exact satchel is featured for $250.”

Thanks but the bag they were listing was so fake it reeked.

So if you see any mention of our website in association with Dooneys on eBay, please know we do not sell or have any association with eBay  – PLEASE  send me a note. I’d really appreciate it !!


This blog is a labor of love of vintage All Weather Leather Dooneys.

Much information is on our website or this blog, so enjoy your browsing !

If you are selling your Dooneys, the process is outlined here


You can always buy authentic Dooney & Bourke bags on our website.