What can you tell me about my $7 bag?

Hi Paula,
I recently developed a fascination with Dooney & Bourke bags after getting a duck bag for Christmas. One day I went to my local swap-meet and found a Dooney & Bourke bag for $7.00 dollars I was not sure whether to buy it or skip it, I figured if it was fake I only paid seven dollars. I did some research on the bag on one of your pages and I think I might have a authentic bag. From the research I did I think I have a (AWL) drawstring bag from the early 1980’s. The bag has a solid brass fob with a stylized backward D and A, all the stitching is one color a soft yellow and all the hardware is brass, no discoloration on it. The bag feel’s good and thick, what I am concerned about is that the bag has no registration tag inside. Also the inside has no pockets the inside material is like a suede or something. I hope you can help me out figure it out.
Thank you,
Front of AWL bagD&BDuckBottomInside of bag 2
Front of bag
HI Maggie,
Good going girl ! For $7 you did indeed purchase an older drawstring bag, made before the red, white and blue labels were sewn inside.
I’ve never seen the counterfeiters able to duplicate the quality and workmanship of an authentic Dooney and I don’ think any of them have attempted the padded strap !
I thought both of your leather keepers were missing but then I saw one slid up by the strap.
Although you didn’t send dimensions, yours is probably the Small Drawstring. Here is an example of a Medium Drawstring and when you click on the photo, it will take you to a page with more photos and details including showing the keepers I was talking about.

Help Identifying this very Vintage Dooney & Bourke Handbag

Hi Paula,
You have a great blog!
I like to pick up AWL bags at thrift stores when I can find a good deal.  I just got a red bag with tan trim in decent shape.  It has the look at feel of an authentic bag, but there is no tag inside nor can I find a similar bag online.  It has two buckles on the front (each which can be released quickly with the round rivet connecting the buckle to the top flap) and the leather duck oval on the back.  It has the same interior pocket setup as several of my other authentic AWL purses.  Each rivet says Dooney Bourke on the interior, the buckles are stamped “solid brass”, and the fob is the older one with the B and backwards D.  I would like to know what style of bag it is.
Thank you for your time,

IMG_3362 IMG_3363 IMG_3366 IMG_3369 IMG_3370Hi Alexandra,

My gut feeling is that it is 100% authentic very vintage Dooney & Bourke but I do not know the exact model name or number. I’d call it a “school bag” !

It is not in any of my catalogs but some of the features are, such as the removable buckle straps. That is very “Dooney” idea which allows the owner to replace the straps when they become soiled or damaged. I see a few bags in my vintage catalogs that have front buckle straps like that.

I’m posting this in the hopes that another reader might have older catalogs than I do or that have seen a bag like this and can provide you with the number and/or name.

Great find !!


Would the 1980s Dooney & Bourke bags be worth more than later bags?

Hello Ms Paula! Hope you are Healthy&Happy today. Thank you ever so much for the wealth of knowledge you are willing to share w/ us AWL D&B ladies out here! I so appreciate you. Question-Would 1981-1982 purses be of more or less valuable than the years following? I do believe both of these are 1981-82. I got the one for my 16th birthday and the other I acquired later. Would these be of more or less value than other years? Thank you in advance. Joy

20130907_163625-1 resized

20130907_163816 resized20130907_164246-1 resized20130907_164851 resized20130907_164032 resizedHi Joy,

If there were three authentic Dooney & Bourke bags in a row and they were all in the same condition…….I’d say from the most valuable to the least valuable would be:

Early pre-tag DB Fob bag (such as yours) (made in USA)

Red, White and Blue, Made in USA bag

Contemporary reissue bag from the AWL collection (NOT made in USA)

That is if they were all in the same condition.

So yes an early pristine bag would be worth more than a later pristine bag and both would be worth more than the new AWL releases.

Your first bag, the white one looks nice !! The interior is clean and the British Tan is bright !!

But the taupe bag, with its soiled interior and darkened British Tan would have a greatly reduced value. So value is a combination of vintage and condition.

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