Dooney & Bourke Registration Tags

Hello Paula,
I have a question about Dooney serial numbers.  I have recently inherited a large number of vintage Dooney’s Some of them are exactly as you stated in your web site others have a serial number that starts with a “B” but still has the red white and blue made in USA tag.  I also have what is a newer one that has the red, white, blue tag with no USA and the serial number starts with a “J”. Do you know what country this may have been made?  I am sure these are authentic and they match up with my Dooney, which I know is authentic.   I am not sure if a I want to sell these or start collecting vintage Dooney’s myself.  Can you help me??
Carmen R

Authentic Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather Essex Made in USA

Authentic Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather Essex Handbag Made in USA

Hi Carmen,
Lucky you to inherit a large number of Dooneys !
First of all, counterfeiters are very clever and make their own faux leather duck seals, tags and fobs to try to make bags look authentic. But if a bag is indeed authentic, the sewn in tags do provide some information.
Authentic bags that have the red, white and blue Dooney & Bourke, Made in USA label sewn inside, the first portion of the serial number on the back will start with either an A or a B and that indicates what factory in the USA the bag came from. That is what was told to me by a Dooney & Bourke representative.

Authentic Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather Surrey Made in USA

Authentic Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather Surrey Handbag Made in USA

So if you look on the Authenticating Factors of Vintage All Weather Leather Dooney & Bourke page, you will see an example A5 179535. The A5 indicates the factory in the US where the bag was made and the other six digits are its unique registration number.

Authentic Dooney & Bourke Air Force Blue Horseshoe Handbag Made in USA

Authentic Dooney & Bourke Air Force Blue Horseshoe Handbag Made in USA

When the red white and blue tag on an authentic bag only says Dooney & Bourke, it indicates the bag was not made in the US. The serial number will start with the letter assigned to the country where the bag was made.
C indicates Costa Rica
H indicates China
I indicates Italy
M indicates Mexico.

You ask about J. I haven’t ever seen that – one automatically thinks Japan, but I’m just guessing. Maybe by posting, we will find someone who knows.


37 thoughts on “Dooney & Bourke Registration Tags

  1. David wrote this and posted it on the jewelry blog, so I am reposting it here
    I just read you question about the J in your number. I too have a J and was getting a little concerned because I wasn’t finding ones like everyone else. But I’m a digger for info and finally found where it was made. Though J you would think Japan but Dooney has never used Japan…the J is for China along with the other letter. Took me a while but I did find it. Still trying to figure out the style mine is so the search continues for me but hope this helped.


    • Thanks,David. I just bought a Dooney with the “J” in front of the registration numbers. The purse also has the words “Dooney Bourke” embossed in script on
      the front of the purse. The purse itself is maybe a T-Morro color with white stitching. The color of stitching worries me about the authenticity because I’ve heard that all Dooneys are stitched with yellow. I, like you, are trying to hunt down the style. It’s not vintage so it should be fairly easy. I hope!


  2. How do I repair a loose turn lock on a vintage Dooney bag, please? It’s not nice and tight. It’s loose and unreliable in keeping the bag closed. Any info anyone has would surely be appreciated.


  3. I received a Dooney n Bourke as a gift in the 80’s small handbag with poker chips and playing cards on the bag. Has the red, white, blue label with serial# A0164653. I’m curious about the number and how it references to the purse. I know it was made in usa, but does the number refer to the year and style too? I’ve had no success in obtaining any information or value on the purse


  4. I just bought a Dooney & Bourke Purse at Macy’s and it had a registration card inside the purse to register the bag online with D&B and I came across this site by accident, and looked at the site then checked my D&B purses, I have a purse that was pursed at Macy’s by my son for Christmas 16yrs ago it was a Black Tassel Tote and the Label sewn inside starts with the letter M, and another tag in leather states it was assembled in Mexico. The newest purse I purchased at Macy’s for myself as a Mother’s Day Gift, and I usually never spend this kind of money on myself; sewn in label starts with letter ” J” but, another label states Made in China! So this is a knock off?
    With a D&B registration card inside?


      • Good Answer to Diana questions regarding original Dooney or not. I have several D & B purses that are made in USA and several that assemblable in other countries. D & B can verify the serial numbers if the customer would like them to do so. It would be nice if the D & B would bring back the full assemblable aspect to the company to the states but they still do some of the assemblies in Norwalk, CT.


  5. I have a Dooney purse everything shows authenic and I’ve been told by several people it is but the tag is red whit and blue and it states made in China but on back of the tag the number starts with a k what’s that mean???




  7. FYI- serial # starts with C-made in Costa Rica
    H, J, K, L-made in China
    I-made In Italy
    M-Assembled in Mexico
    Alot of the specialty stores Macy, QVC, Dillards, Nordstrom have the made in China bags. The vintage bags start with A & B made in the good old USA.


  8. My purse has a white paper sticker inside the purse. It reads “SB45 BB, Tassel Tote, 86188506”. There is also a red, white & blue label “Dooney & Bourke, Inc”,and registration # B6441520. Is this a legit purse? If so, any idea when it was manufactured?


  9. As much as these bags costs, we need them to be the real thing, Dooney & Bourke somebody is playing dangerously with your names .


  10. hello all I have a D&B bumble bee Serial # B6158564 What year was this made? Is there any way to brighten up the leather? Is a bit dull. Thanks in advance!


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