Bone Week Continues at Horsekeeping’s Dooney & Bourke

More newly listed Bone Week bags for spring and summer in our Dooney & Bourke store.

Here they are with their official names and numbers:

Small Carpet Bag Model R47

Small Carpet Bag
Model R47

Vintage Organizer W74

Vintage Organizer W74


R720 Zipper Clutch

R720 Zipper Clutch



R26 – Small Essex


R29 - Classic Satchel

R29 – Classic Satchel


R04 - Small Norfolk Case

R04 – Small Norfolk Case


R191 Small Flap Bag

R191 Small Flap Bag

And one white one snuck in !!!

R147 Carpet Shoulder Bag

R147 Carpet Shoulder Bag


I’ve had hundreds of Dooneys and and have never seen this one – what is it?

Hi Paula, 

I found a vintage Dooney today, but I can’t figure out the style.  I know it’s authentic and will attach a pic of the front, the other side just has the Dooney duck on it.  The shoulder strap starts out under the flap and weaves through the sides, (like a drawstring type bag) and come out back, up as a strap and connects at a buckle.  Inside has a matching, snap close pocket that is suspended inside the purse by the shoulder strap (where it weaves inside the bag!).  Super CUTE and unique!  I have had hundreds of Dooneys in and out of my house, but have never seen this one!!  Of course it has the RWB USA tag inside and normal brass duck fob.

Thanks for your help, Michelle

DSCN1117Hi Michelle,

From one photo, hard to tell, but if it has the Red, White and Blue fabric tag sewn inside that says Dooney & Bourke, Made in US, then

you have a R 46 Bicycle Bag from the Carpet Bag Collection.

It is 7 1/2″ tall and 10″ wide and 5″ deep at the bottom

It has an inside pocket, adjustable gusset, and adjustable shoulder strap with 20″ drop length.

It sold for $185 in 1992.

However, subsequent photos you sent, did not show the tag you said it did have, so I will have to say “jury is still out” on this one unless you send me a photo of the inside and showing the tag.

You can always buy authentic Dooney & Bourke bags on our website.


How Much is My Dooney & Bourke bag worth?

Hi Paula, i have some questions about a Dooney & Bourke All-Weather Leather Handbag that was recently handed down to me & i wanted to know how much it is worth ?? Please help me

Thank You.
– Champagne

!cid_ii_13e8b65f1f081a6f !cid_ii_13e8b683f1eef4b6 !cid_ii_13e8b6740ebf9145Hi Champagne,
Well as they say in the real estate business, the three most important things about the value of a property are location, location, location.
With Dooneys that would be condition, condition, condition.
This bag has been used quite a bit as evidenced by its scuffed and soiled piping. The inside looks better from the quick view I have of the inside.
What you have here is a probably a
Small Carpet Bag from the Carpet Bag Collection (they mainly vary by dimensions which you did not send.)
Selling for $185-190 originally, this particular bag, in the condition it is in (which would be a 6 on our condition scale) would be worth about $25-40 retail.
Here is the same bag in our store. It is in better condition than your bag but still, not so good, so we have put it in our Bargain Barn for $60 which includes free shipping.