Bought a box of name brand bags at an auction – is this one authentic?

Hi Paula,

I recently bought this bag at an auction for $30.00, it was in a box with 7 other name brand bags. It is a beautiful bag, great for going away on the weekend. It is in perfect condition. I am curious if it is an authentic bag. Mostly because my husband could not believe I paid $30.00 for a box of bags and I would love to tell him it is worth something.

The zipper tag says Dooney Bourke
Zipper might be plastic

It is approx 20 in long 11 inches wide 9 inch high. The tag is red white blue with a cut down the middle and the number is AO 563368.

thanks for your help. tara

1 3image 4image 5image 6image 7image 8image 10image 11image 12image 13photoTara,

You tell your husband you did good. REAL good.

This is an authentic Dooney & Bourke R43 Duffel Bag in all British Tan with padded shoulder strap. It’s official measurements are 12″ tall x 22″ long x 9″ deep.

It sold for $495 in 1994.

Read my article about snipped tags so you know what that means and how it affects value. 

Whoo-hoo !! Enjoy.


Is this Satchel an authentic Dooney & Bourke? I question the handles and torn tag.

Hi Paula,

I love your extensive blog regarding the Dooney and Bourke bags. However, I am still unable to figure out if the bag I have my eye on is authentic. I recently decided to purchase an AWL bag from ebay. I want to believe that it is authentic. I have not committed to the purchase yet. Would you please help me confirm the bag’s authenticity?
The bag is an AWL satchel that is an off-white pebbled cream leather with a tan-brown handle. I am uncertain about this bag because the handles are tan-brown instead of dark-brown. I am not very knowledgeable about how to spot fake bags. Would the color be an issue? Also the Dooney & Bourke tag has been snipped, which I believe you indicated that it was perhaps sold as an overstock or as a defective product?
I do have photos provided by the seller if you would not mind taking some time to examine them as well.
Thank you for taking the time to help fellow Dooney and Bourke AWL lovers!
dooney_and_bourke_white_leather_purse_1 dooney_and_bourke_white_leather_purse_2 dooney_and_bourke_white_leather_purse_3 dooney_and_bourke_white_leather_purse_4 dooney_and_bourke_white_leather_purse_5 dooney_and_bourke_white_leather_purse_6Hi Mindy,
Thanks for your question and photos.
In terms of asking me a question related to a handbag you are looking at on eBay, there are two issues. One is timing. You might be looking at a bag that closes in a few days but I write up articles on the blog only 2-3 times a week and usually there are 10-20 questions waiting in the queue. So by the time I answer, you have either bought the bag or passed it up.
The second issue is that I am the manager of the Dooney & Bourke store at  where we sell authentic vintage Dooney & Bourke All Weather leather bags. We hope you shop with us where you know you will be getting an authentic bag!
But on to your 3 questions and my answers in blue.
1. Would you please help me confirm the bag’s authenticity?
It appears to be authentic. It is missing the shoulder strap.
2. Would the color of the handles be an issue?
To me, the color of the handles is appropriate – the Vintage style element, the piping and the handles are all British Tan.
3. Also the Dooney & Bourke tag has been snipped, which I believe you indicated that it was perhaps sold as an overstock or as a defective product?
Yes, that usually indicates a second, a defective or overstock bag. In some instances, counterfeiters use the shredded tag technique to confuse buyers. Usually there are other features that show a bag is counterfeit. But in this case, the bag is authentic, just a second/defective.