Is this an authentic Dooney satchel?

Hi Paula, I just lucked upon your website about the DB bags and was trying to find out if the satchel I have is a real one or fake.  It was given to me by my Mother who purchased it at an estate sale about 5 years ago.
What puzzles me is that it has the workmanship of the actual bag but there is no tag inside showing a registration number.  the only tag is one that says  assembled in Mexico.  I will describe what I see of the bag.
It is a black leather satchel with the tan trim and stitching, you can feel the stitching on the inside of the bag.  the inside is not lined and you just feel the leather it is soft.  the duck logo is stitched to the bag. all the grommets buckles are the gold brass. It has the duck logo on a leather strap that hangs from the handle.   The Zipper has Three Star printed on it, so that and it not having a tag with a registration has got me wondering if it is real or fake.
any help with this is surely appreciated!
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8Hi Kimberly,
This is a counterfeit bag. What they were probably trying to copy is one of the most coveted satchels – the Gladstone. If you click on this photo, it will take you to a page that shows all the features of an authentic Gladstone in new condition.
656-R90-gladstone-sm-blbt-frontAnd here is another one in Taupe that is used.