Found this bag at the Flea Mall – What do you think Paula?

This is the odd shaped purse I found today at the flea mall. Inside is a made in china tag. I was wondering if this was authentic, as I may go and purchase it.

Also here are pics of the bag I already have. Also the front of the wallet that came with the purse. Inside was a checkbook flap and everything. I’m more concerned with the authenticity of the purse though.!


1 2 3 4 image photoHi Emily,

All three items are counterfeit, knocks off bags, not authentic Dooney & Bourke bags. The counterfeiters have used the color combinations that are typical of Dooney & Bourke but that is where all similarities end.

Dooney & Bourke has never made any items that look like these three. Some of the dead givewaways:

the black vinyl interior of the hexagonal bag

the braided trim on the wallet

the vinyl buckle and strap on the front of the faux Surrey Carrier.

Here is what real Surrey Carriers look like – click on the photos to go to the page to get more detailed photos, dimensions and details.

Authentic Dooney & Bourke Surrey Carrier

Authentic Dooney & Bourke Surrey Carrier

Authentic Dooney & Bourke Medium Surrey Carrier

Authentic Dooney & Bourke Medium Surrey Carrier

Thanks for the question. You can always buy authentic Dooney & Bourke bags on our website.


Is this “Surrey Carrier” that I just bought on eBay authentic Dooney & Bourke?

Hi Paula,

If this is of interest to you, can you look over this bag I just won on eBay? It says its tag was cut out of it. I ask you because I have never seen the style before, and I looked on your site in hopes that its kind is listed in your categorization of vintage bags. I don’t see one and I can’t be sure where it ‘fits’ in terms of categorization, if it does.

Thanks for any feedback you have. I’m buying it, not contesting its authenticity to the seller, but I’m just wondering for myself.
Thank you,

2Capture3Capture1CaptureHi Maurine,

This is not authentic. Here are some features that have never been used on Dooney & Bourke bags. Woven piping/trim. Duck seal attached to another piece of leather which is then attached to the bag. The buckle thingie on the front. Way bad combo of fake features here.

2Capture closeup

3Capture closeup

The above snap closure which is on the back slip pocket is fake –  the authentic bags have a different tab closure (see end of post).

The narrow two-tone strap which is riveted to itself and snapped to the bag is not authentic This was the best photo I could get of it off eBay.

4Capture closeupPaula

Thanks Paula,

On further review, this is obviously a fake. I found another one like it on Etsy.

99CaptureI never saw woven piping/trim, the hardware isn’t brass, the zippered pocket inside isn’t tan, and the goofy buckle in front is not DB style. Sigh. Weak moment of mine! Fortunately the other ones I’ve acquired are indeed real DB.


Yes Maurine,

That Etsy bag is also a bad knock off.




Note the tab closure on the back, the wide, padded two-tone strap and the way the strap attaches to the bag on the sides.

379-sr-carrier-navy-back 379-sr-carrier-navy-front 825-R94-sr-sm-firbt-1 825-R94-sr-sm-firbt-4 825-R94-sr-sm-firbt-6Paula

I bought this Dooney & Bourke bag at a thrift store – how much is it worth?


I just bought a Dooney and Bourke all weather leather handbag today at a thriftstore. I browsed your site and everything seems legit. I was wondering if you could tell me how much its worth. The serial number is a4 308883.
I attached some pictures.

Thank you and have a great day.


IMG_20130418_180432 IMG_20130418_180441 IMG_20130418_180449 IMG_20130418_180454 IMG_20130418_180502 Hi Cheyenne,

The bag you bought is a P81 Mini Rectangular Surrey like this one.

609-surrey-minirect-bt-frontIt is 8 1/2 x 6 x 3 inches.

It cost $195 when new.

As far as current value, condition is everything. I didn’t see the condition of the shoulder strap and whether your bag had the brass duck FOB both of which would affect value. Since your bag has the stain on the front left corner and pen marks inside, if it were in our store, it would be rated a 6 and be put in the Grab Bag section. I’d expect your bag would bring about $20-30 on eBay if it had no odors of smoke, perfume or mustiness.

What is the Grab Bag section at ?

The Grab Bag is our Bargain Bin.

Some Grab Bags have all the Dooney & Bourke authenticating factors, others might be missing a FOB or a sewn in tag with serial number. To the best of our knowledge, each and every bag in this section is an authentic Dooney & Bourke handbag except, of course, for the other bags that are in our “NOT Dooney & Bourke” section.

In some cases, the red, white and blue interior tag has been snipped or cut out. We have been told that some outlet stores must do this to sell the purses at a greatly reduced price.

We also put bags here that have more wear or darkening than normal, but we point out all the defects and list them at a very low price. We hope you might find one for a refurbishing project or one that will work as an extra bag for the tack room of your horse trailer or for transporting those special bits or spurs to the show.

Although we have vacuumed the interiors of each bag, aired them, and given them a preliminary cleaning, Grab Bags sometimes need a thorough cleaning, which we will leave up to you.

But getting back to yours Cheyenne, it is a 100% authentic Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather bag, Made in USA and with many years of good service left in it. Its value lies in its durability and usefulness.  And I’ll bet you got it at a bargain price.