Bone Week Continues at Horsekeeping’s Dooney & Bourke

More newly listed Bone Week bags for spring and summer in our Dooney & Bourke store.

Here they are with their official names and numbers:

Small Carpet Bag Model R47

Small Carpet Bag
Model R47

Vintage Organizer W74

Vintage Organizer W74


R720 Zipper Clutch

R720 Zipper Clutch



R26 – Small Essex


R29 - Classic Satchel

R29 – Classic Satchel


R04 - Small Norfolk Case

R04 – Small Norfolk Case


R191 Small Flap Bag

R191 Small Flap Bag

And one white one snuck in !!!

R147 Carpet Shoulder Bag

R147 Carpet Shoulder Bag


Dooney & Bourke tag does not say Made in USA……..what does that mean?

Dear Paula

First of all i want to say how much I adore your blogs. It has made me love Dooney and Bourke even more.
I have bought a Dooney and Bourke Essex in Large size and from the looks of it everything looks real to me except the tag. It only says ‘Dooney and Bourke Inc.’ On the front part so I assumed that it was made in a foreign country but the code starts with an ‘A0… ‘ the white sticker says it is made in the USA too. Though the sticker does not match the bag. (I don’t know if it’s supposed to ..)
Could you please let me know if this was an ok situation for the tag?
Thank you for your time!


IMG_20130808_1 IMG_20130808_2 IMG_20130808_3 IMG_20130808_5 IMG_20130808_6 IMG_20130808_7 IMG_20130808_8 IMG_20130808_9 IMG_20130808_10 IMG_20130808_11

Thanks for your reply!
I have taken several photos of the bag. I wish it is real.. I will wait for your answer and hold on the decision of keeping the bag or returning to the seller.
Thank you again for your time!


Hi Faith,
I rec’d the photos and can tell you my answer is similar to this answer
It is probably an authentic Dooney & Bourke bag, made in the USA for a special outlet.

What does P26 BL stand for and is this an authentic Dooney Essex?

I have a Dooney & Bourke bag and would like to know if it is authentic and what its worth. Its black and looks exactly like the Medium Essex P25. The difference is that mine has a label that says P26 BL. Would you be able to help me out?


CAM00082 CAM00083 CAM00084 CAM00086 CAM00087 CAM00088 CAM00089Hi Silvia,

First some tips to all readers.

This email came in to me August 6. There are about 30 questions that have come in since then, so if you are writing me about a time sensitive question like, “Should I buy this bag on eBay or etsy?” I am not going to be able to help because there is about a 1-2 month lag time between when you send photos and you letter comes up in the queue. and

You can always buy authentic Dooney & Bourke bags on our website.

Next, at the top of each blog page is a Search box. If you use it, it is very likely you will find the answer to your question. For example, for this reader’s question, there have already been several articles about this bag.

Now to you personally Sylvia. It is authentic.

P stands for a bag that is all one color, in other words, does not have British Tan trim, so in this case all black.

BL stands for Black.

26 stands for the Small Essex – read about the Small Essex here.

Small Mushroom and British Tan Essex

Small Mushroom and British Tan Essex

Black Medium Essex

Medium Black Essex


New Essex Bag – is this Counterfeit?

Hi Paula,

In searching for someone to send my inquiry to, I stumbled on your
website. It appears that you folks are D&B experts, so I hope I am
not being presumptuous in writing you with a question. I just bought
a “new” Dooney & Burke bag on eBay (before doing my research) and now
I am afraid that I bought counterfeit, because it was advertised as a
“new” Essex bag. To the best of my newly acquired knowledge, D&B does
not make this bag any longer? Further, the listing indicated that
there is a “Made in USA” label, but “no reg card.” I’ve attached a
photo, in hopes that you might be able to help me identify whether
this is an authentic D&B? Finally, I can’t find any reference to a
D&B bag being made of “Cabrio Leather.” I haven’t yet received the
bag, so I can’t take a photo of the label for you.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance you might be able to provide.
Thanks so much for your time.

best regards,

Picture 1Hi Michelle,

First of all, I can’t say for sure if the bag you have is authentic or not from just this one photo.  As you mentioned it is supposed to have a Dooney & Bourke, Made in USA tag sewn inside.

Cabrio Leather is not part of the All Weather Collection which is what we feature and sell on our website. But Dooney & Bourke has had a CabrioLeather collection. Cabrio leather reminds me of the leather on the seats of vintage sports cars, with all its little holes.

Dooney & Bourke’s Cabrio leather is vegetable-dyed, patterned with two-toned pyramid shaped holes, lined for water resistance and accented with smooth “naked” leather trim. Cabrio leather is cut from a tight grain of French leather.

In my 1999 Dooney catalog, there are over 20 Cabrio bags but none are styles from the AWL collection like your Essex.

I just visited the Dooney & Bourke website and I see no CabrioLeather bags and no Essex bags.

It is possible that in one of the catalogs from 2000-2012 there might have been a limited edition CabrioLeather Essex bag but I don’t have the newer catalogs as we focus on the All Weather Leather bags from the 1970s to the 1990s. So I really can’t tell you for sure if your bag is authentic or not, if it was made in the USA, when it was made or anything else.

I’d love to hear more from you or anyone else that knows.


Mushroom and British Tan Small Essex Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather Handbag

The Essex handbag is a classic.

The Small Essex has the number 26 and when the bag has British Tan trim, the designation is R in front of the number.

So this rare Mushroom bag is a Small Essex R26.

Small Mushroom Essex

Small Mushroom Essex

Fir and British Tan Small Essex Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather Handbag

The Essex handbag is a classic.

The Small Essex has the number 26 and when the bag has British Tan trim, the designation is R in front of the number.

So this Fir (green) bag is a Small Essex R26.


Small Fir Essex

Medium Black Essex Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather Handbag

The Essex handbag is a classic.

The Medium Essex has the number 25 and when the bag has self colored piping instead of British Tan, there is a designation of P in front of the number.

So this black beauty is a Medium Essex P25.

Black Medium Essex

Black Medium Essex P25