Dooney & Bourke Glove Leather Collection – Hobo Bag – Real or Imposter???

HI YA Paula, Thank you for responding… My BLACK bag has a Red, White, Blue tag (Dooney & Bourke, Inc. Made in the USA and on the back of the tag it has a reg. number. The tag is sewn in the leather seam of the zipper pocket… The lining the best I can call it is a heavy, thick canvas type of fabric. The fabric colors is like a cream/off white with dark speckles.. A lining I HAVE seen before in other bags.. The oval patch on the front of the bag is the same color of the bag with NO Duck/Goose and is sewn on.. IT is just stamped D&B in what looks like a SATCHEL Purse.. ALL the rivets are marked stamped Dooney & Bourke… The bag has a good strap drop (Adjustable)… Silver or maybe Gun Metal D rings, rivets, with 6 rivets for the feet on the bottom of the bag, and the main zipper is also the same color of the hardware with a leather pull. One inside pocket with a Black zipper. White Stitching… Bottom of the bag is a long oval shape about 13 by 4 inches… From the D ring to the bottom of the bag is about 12 inches. I think I covered it all…lol Thanks again for any help you maybe able to give me on this bag. I have SEVERAL D&B bags BUT nothing like this one…Cheryl
!cid_6336B3FE-B301-4405-A3A3-BB20E85577D4 !cid_41411E0B-D3C7-4B94-823A-F1B35A53BC62 !cid_AEEAFE40-984A-4676-A9AF-17FE531DFC3DHi Cheryl,
While this appears to be an authentic Dooney & Bourke handbag because of its sewn in tag, I’m not positive. It is not vintage and it is not from the All Weather Collection. If it was, it would have the duck seal and pebbled leather. If this is an authentic Dooney & Bourke bag, it would be from from the Glove Leather collection.
It is definitely a more contemporary bag for several reasons. The original bags were not lined in fabric. They were either unlined (having the suede side of the leather for the interior) or some were lined in smooth leather. I too have seen this type of fabric lining on bags that are about 10 years old. Those bags have usually been made in China. So since it says “Made in USA” on the tag yet has the more contemporary lining, I am conflicted. Also I have seen some knock-off bags that have had this type of lining.
Also the silver hardware would be a contemporary feature.
About half of my vintage catalogs show bags from the Glove Collection, but none of them show this bag.
What’s more, all of the bags that are shown in the Glove Leather Collection in my vintage catalogs have a rectangular leather patch, not oval so……….that is another troublesome factor.
So here’s my bottom line guess. If it is authentic, it is one of the later ones made with the lining and still made in the USA. It would be a Hobo bag from the Glove Leather collection.
But there are quite a few question marks which makes it hard to say for sure if this bag is authentic.  We do not specialize in the Glove Leather bags, so I don’t have as much experience with them as I do with the All Weather Leather bags.
You can contact Dooney & Bourke and give them the number on the back of the sewn in tag and see what they can tell you.
Or perhaps a reader of the blog has catalogs from that era and can give you more specific information.