Maxi Week at Horsekeeping’s Dooney & Bourke Store

This week we rounded up all the big boys or girls as it were – everything from totes to briefcases to shoppers – the big daddies that hold tons of stuff. So here they are:


R 41 Shopping Tote


R12 Legal Brief British Tan


P 12 Legal Brief Black


P 307 Small Bucket Bag from the Metro Collection



What does the Dooney & Bourke Registration Number Mean?

Hi Paula,
I have a vintage Dooney bag. I checked your site for  authenticity and it checks out – the only thing I can’t figure out is how you tell the date it was made or sold – my purse I found would be minimally a 9 on your quality scale and I haven’t been able to find another one like it online. The ID number is A6 317269. How do you know what those numbers mean? Jessica
Hi Jessica,
The number that is on the back of the sewn-in tag indicates where in the US and when the bag was made. All of the Identifying Characteristics of Vintage AWL Dooney & Bourke bags are discussed on our website.
If you want to know specifically, you’d have to contact Dooney & Bourke directly although finding someone there who is knowledgeable or interested in the vintage bags is often difficult.
In the right hand column of this blog, you’ll see a list called “Categories” and under it is an expanded list of all topics on this blog. Scroll down to the Dooney & Bourke heading and click on it. You will then see all the articles related to your query.