How Much is My Dooney & Bourke bag worth?

Hi Paula, i have some questions about a Dooney & Bourke All-Weather Leather Handbag that was recently handed down to me & i wanted to know how much it is worth ?? Please help me

Thank You.
– Champagne

!cid_ii_13e8b65f1f081a6f !cid_ii_13e8b683f1eef4b6 !cid_ii_13e8b6740ebf9145Hi Champagne,
Well as they say in the real estate business, the three most important things about the value of a property are location, location, location.
With Dooneys that would be condition, condition, condition.
This bag has been used quite a bit as evidenced by its scuffed and soiled piping. The inside looks better from the quick view I have of the inside.
What you have here is a probably a
Small Carpet Bag from the Carpet Bag Collection (they mainly vary by dimensions which you did not send.)
Selling for $185-190 originally, this particular bag, in the condition it is in (which would be a 6 on our condition scale) would be worth about $25-40 retail.
Here is the same bag in our store. It is in better condition than your bag but still, not so good, so we have put it in our Bargain Barn for $60 which includes free shipping.
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4 thoughts on “How Much is My Dooney & Bourke bag worth?

  1. Hi Paula
    I was wondering what my Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather handbag is worth it was givin to me from a friend of my moms. My moms friend told her it was a real Dooney & Bourkes All Weather Leather but i just want to be sure. Would add pictures but i’m not sure on how to do so
    Thank You


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