Fir Week at Horsekeeping’s Vintage Dooney & Bourke Store

This week I have rounded up all the fir bags we had waiting to be listed.

What says Dooney and Bourke better than a Vintage All Weather Leather Made in USA Fir and British Tan handbag??

R28 Small Satchel

R28 Small Satchel

R74 Cavalry Body Bag

R74 Cavalry Body Bag

R19 Classic Zip Top

R19 Classic Zip Top

R751 Vintage Flap Bag

R751 Vintage Flap Bag

R26 Small Essex

R26 Small Essex

R25 Medium Essex

R25 Medium Essex

That’s all the wonderful Dooney green I could find.


Did the Dooney & Bourke Calvary [sic] Bag come with a flat strap?

Paula – did the Calvary [sic] Body Bag ever come with a flat strap – not rolled? I have seen several bags that look authentic but the strap is a flat strap not the rolled strap?
Kind Regards
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HI Debra,
You ask about a Calvary Bag so I’ll take this opportunity to clarify Calvary vs Cavalry, a common word mix up.
According to the bible, Calvary refers to a hill outside Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified.
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Cavalry refers to soldiers on horseback. They usually carried a cartridge pouch on their belt. It is this item that the Dooney & Bourke Cavalry Body bag was modeled after. Here are some old US Cavalry cartridge pouches and a miniature model of a soldier with one on his belt.

Cavalry Soldier


Vintage Cavalry Pouch

cartridge pouch

Cavalry Pouch reproduction


As far as your question, although you don’t provide measurements, the photos do appear to have the features and be of the scale of a Cavalry Body Bag.


4 3/4″ x 6 1/4″ x 2″

With one inside pocket and a back loop for belt attachment.

From the 1996 catalog:

“The Cavalry Collection was originally drawn from a diagram of an ammunition pouch discovered in the archives of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Its classic lines, brass closure, and embossed USA still carry an air of authority. Cavalry Bags have detachable, adjustable shoulder straps and outside back pockets (except the Pochette and Body Bag, which have non-adjustable straps and no outer pocket.)”

In all the photos in this and all other Dooney & Bourke catalogs, the Cavalry Body Bag is shown with a non-adjustable rolled leather shoulder strop with trigger snaps.

The strap on your bag is the one that is usually seen on some other Dooney & Bourke models.

Because your bag has a snipped tag, that could indicate the wrong strap was put on the factory, thus the bag was sold as a “second” or as “imperfect” at an outlet store.

Or the previous owner could have just swapped straps from another bag.

Nevertheless, the strap shown with your bag is not the appropriate one.


Authentic Cavalry Body Bag


This blog is a labor of love of vintage All Weather Leather Dooneys and I am always glad to help with identifying and authenticating bags free of charge. It is my way of contributing to the knowledge base out there in hopes it helps prevent fraudulent sales from occurring.
Many of the answers are already on our website or this blog, so enjoy your browsing !
You can always buy authentic Dooney & Bourke bags on our website.


Authentic Cavalry Spectator

Dooney & Bourke Handbags – What is Drop Length?

Authentic Made in USA Dooney & Bourke AWL Vintage Saddle Bag

Drop length relates to the length of the shoulder strap on a purse.  Specifically, it is the distance from the top of the folded shoulder strap to the top of the bag as shown in this photo.

We started out using Dooney & Bourke’s measurements from their vintage catalogs but have recently found that many of those measurements were inaccurate, so from our item #598 and up, we are using the following method:

We buckle the strap on its longest setting and then its shortest setting and report those two measurements.

I’d like to update all of our older pages to this new, more useful method but time constraints don’t allow that right now. So, if you are looking at a bag on our site that has an item number under #598 and you are concerned about the strap length, feel free to write me and I’ll measure, let you know the actual measurements, and update that bag’s page.

Authentic Made in USA Dooney & Bourke Cavalry Body Bag