Dooney & Bourke Loden Toggle Handbag

Hi Paula,
I recently purchased a Dooney and Bourke from Goodwill for $10 and wondered if you might be able to help me figure out if it’s authentic? It looks exactly like an authentic one I’ve seen on line but I still wonder about mine since I can’t find any info on the ID number when I put it into google. When I looked up the ID number that’s on the tag, nothing seems to come up for it. This makes me wonder if mine is a fake. I went ahead and took some pictures so you can compare with the the one on the site. Thanks a bunch for all your help. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks  Mrizza
Front of purse ID number on tagHi !
First of all, some interesting tid bits about the Loden bags. The word loden has several definitions.
  • Water-resistant material used for clothing, traditionally in Austria. It is made from sheep’s wool where the lanolin has not been removed.
  • A greyish green color typical of such garments as above.

So exactly what Dooney & Bourke had in mind, we can only guess. The bags are water resistant and some are kind of a greyish green, but not all.

Your bag is part of the Outback and Loden Collection. They are grouped together since they both have the signature brass toggle and braided loop closure.

The Loden bags don’t appear in many of the vintage catalogs, so they must have had a short life.

Yours is a Loden Shoulder Bag R87

9″ tall x 11 /4″ wide x 3 1/2″ deep.

It retailed for $275 in 1996.

As far as the number on the back of your tag that were entering in google. That is your bag’s individual registration number. So you would not find it on the internet.

Enjoy your great find !

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