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A friend gave me a vintage Gladstone for my birthday, but since she knows little to nothing about an authentic vintage Dooney and Bourke handbag I thought I would contact you for the characteristics of the R90 Gladstone.  I have searched your site and found a duffel and the lovely one you sold but it’s so hard to always tell and I cannot find a catalog.  I will try to form my questions so you can answer most in a yes or no  or short answer response to save you time.

  1. Approximate year DB started making the R90 Gladstone
  2. Were any made during the pretag timeframe of the early 80”s
  3. Was the duck on the logo always very rounded (meaning his belly) or were some a little more flat
  4. Was Dooney and Bourke imprinted on all zipper pulls  or hardware or
  5. Was zipper pulls with “YKK” ever used
  6. On the inside did all Gladstone’s have a strap that snap across the pockets

Best,  Carolyn

Gladstone Bottom Gladstone close up Gladstone front Gladstone handles Gladstone Inside ZIPPER PULL

Hi Carolyn,

Your birthday gift is indeed an authentic vintage Dooney & Bourke Gladstone. As far as what model it is, I can’t say for sure since you did not send any measurements. But it appears to be the Small Gladstone R90.

On to your questions.

  1. Approximate year DB started making the R90 Gladstone –

    The oldest catalog I have is 1992 and the Gladstones in that catalog have the duck FOB so yours was made prior to that.

  2. Were any made during the pretag timeframe of the early 80”s –

    Yes, we currently have one in the store from that era (see photo below)


Pre-tag authentic Dooney & Bourke Small Gladstone R 90

3. Was the duck on the logo always very rounded (meaning his belly) or were some a little more flat –

Many of the older ones are flat

4. Was Dooney and Bourke imprinted on all zipper pulls  or hardware  –


5. Was zipper pulls with “YKK” ever used –


6 On the inside did all Gladstone’s have a strap that snap across the pockets  –

No, there have been a variety of pockets over the years, some with snap, zip, slip and some with the overstrap with tab.


This blog is a labor of love of vintage All Weather Leather Dooneys and I am always glad to help with identifying and authenticating bags free of charge. It is my way of contributing to the knowledge base out there in hopes it helps prevent fraudulent sales from occurring.
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All British Tan authentic Dooney & Bourke Gladstone satchel

Is this an authentic Dooney satchel?

Hi Paula, I just lucked upon your website about the DB bags and was trying to find out if the satchel I have is a real one or fake.  It was given to me by my Mother who purchased it at an estate sale about 5 years ago.
What puzzles me is that it has the workmanship of the actual bag but there is no tag inside showing a registration number.  the only tag is one that says  assembled in Mexico.  I will describe what I see of the bag.
It is a black leather satchel with the tan trim and stitching, you can feel the stitching on the inside of the bag.  the inside is not lined and you just feel the leather it is soft.  the duck logo is stitched to the bag. all the grommets buckles are the gold brass. It has the duck logo on a leather strap that hangs from the handle.   The Zipper has Three Star printed on it, so that and it not having a tag with a registration has got me wondering if it is real or fake.
any help with this is surely appreciated!
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8Hi Kimberly,
This is a counterfeit bag. What they were probably trying to copy is one of the most coveted satchels – the Gladstone. If you click on this photo, it will take you to a page that shows all the features of an authentic Gladstone in new condition.
656-R90-gladstone-sm-blbt-frontAnd here is another one in Taupe that is used.

Paula, Is this a real or fake Dooney & Bourke?

Message: Hi Paula, I love your website and blog. I was recently at a consignment shop and purchased this advertised Dooney and Bourke, AWL blue and tan XL travel bag. The zipper pull is metal, has a Dooney and Bourke makers mark on it…. There is no tag on the inside, and the DB mark is not on the oval tan label on the front of the bag. Is this an early DB? The bag also had the lock with it to secure the zipper locked during travel. It is in a Dooney and Bourke box and it has the Old Norwalk address……and it says the lock was made in China…………the pieces on the bag are brass,,,,,the bag was missing the strap(BOO) and there was a small mark inside the bag that shows a small spill. The bag is quite large….it measures 20″ x 14″ x 9 inches wide in the side panels.Can you please help me identify if this is a “real DB”…..


db lock and key_1

Hi Kim,

The dimensions you mention are similar to the Dooney Gladstone Duffel Bag R93 that sold for $775 in 1994………

Here is a previous blog about an authentic Gladstone Duffel.

I will point out some concerns I have about your bag.

I have never seen a Dooney oval with out the duck.

no duckThe stitching on the handle looks rough.

odd stitching

The stitching overall is not up to Dooney quality and standards.


However, there is the Dooney name on the zipper pull which is a positive.

db 5And the interior pocket looks correct which is often not duplicated by counterfeiters.


So…………my opinion is that it COULD be a knock-off or authentic. If it is authentic, then it is an imperfect that was probably sold at an outlet store at a greatly reduced price. Often outlet stores remove or snip the inside tags so the bag can not be registered with Dooney & Bourke. Although it really bothers me that there is no duck seal on the bag, there are many other features about the bag that look authentic, so I’m leaning toward this having been a defective bag sold at an outlet store without registration tag.

If it were a knock off, most counterfeiters would for sure have added a leather duck seal, so it seems more like a “second” than a fake.

What is the name of this Large Dooney Satchel?

Good Afternoon Paula,
I realize that you’re busy, but I need your expertise with a matter concerning an old Dooney & Bourke Satchel that I own. I have NOT been able to find one anywhere on the web, at least this size. It is big 21.5 in long. Can you assist with the name of this particular one? I would be greatly appreciative for any help you can provide. Again, thank you
 Best Wishes,
D&B Closeup D&B Top D&B2 Dooney&Burke 1Hi Peter,
What you have is the R 93 Gladstone Duffel Bag
Height 14″ Length 22″ and Width 10 1/2″
The Gladstone Collection  is made of Dooney & Bourke’s All Weather, water-repellent leather. There are hand-stitched handles, reinforced gussets, solid brass feet on the bottom, extended zippers for easy access and solid brass locks for security.
It has one inside pocket with four compartments and one inside pocket with two compartments.
There was originally an attached luggage tag, an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap with a pad.
The drop length of the shoulder strap is 24″.
In my 1992 catalog it sold for $770.
Here is a photo of one of its smaller cousins, the R90 Small Gladstone Satchel.
I hope this has been helpful.