Dooney & Bourke Handbags – What is Drop Length?

Authentic Made in USA Dooney & Bourke AWL Vintage Saddle Bag

Drop length relates to the length of the shoulder strap on a purse.  Specifically, it is the distance from the top of the folded shoulder strap to the top of the bag as shown in this photo.

We started out using Dooney & Bourke’s measurements from their vintage catalogs but have recently found that many of those measurements were inaccurate, so from our item #598 and up, we are using the following method:

We buckle the strap on its longest setting and then its shortest setting and report those two measurements.

I’d like to update all of our older pages to this new, more useful method but time constraints don’t allow that right now. So, if you are looking at a bag on our site that has an item number under #598 and you are concerned about the strap length, feel free to write me and I’ll measure, let you know the actual measurements, and update that bag’s page.

Authentic Made in USA Dooney & Bourke Cavalry Body Bag