Mini Week at Horsekeeping’s Dooney & Bourke Store

I rounded up all the cute small bags we had not yet listed, so dubbed this MINI WEEK at our Dooney & Bourke store.

Here are three examples of the R 134 Mini Drawstring Bag

R134 Mini Drawstring

R134 Mini Drawstring


B134 Mini Drawstring


R134 Mini Drawstring













Although the Small, Medium and large drawstring bags appear in the earliest catalog I have, 1987

Summer 1987 Dooney & Bourke catalog

Summer 1987 Dooney & Bourke catalog

It isn’t until the Fall/Winter 1994 catalog where I spotted the Mini Drawstring but it was only available in the Teton.

1994 Fall Winter Dooney & Bourke Catalog

1994 Fall Winter Dooney & Bourke Catalog

The first time I spotted the R134 Mini Drawstring was in the Fall 1997 catalog.

1997 Fall Dooney & Bourke Catalog

1997 Fall Dooney & Bourke Catalog

There it is described as available as :

R134 Tan Trim

P134 Matching Trim

B134 Burnt Cedar Trim

8″ Height

6.5″ Length (or side to side)

3.75″ Width (or depth at base)

It has an adjustable strap but the strap is affixed permanently to the bag, unlike its Small, Medium and Large cousins which have buckle-on shoulder straps.


The strap drop length is 20″

There are no pockets inside the bag.


The drawstring runs through holes that are reinforced with metal grommets.


The bag sold at retail for $98 in 1997.

If any of you fellow Dooney enthusiasts have an earlier catalog where the mini appears, please let me know. Thank you !





Bone Week at Horsekeeping’s Dooney & Bourke

It is Bone Week in our Dooney & Bourke store – I am listing over a dozen bone bags – all vintage AWL Made in USA – some new and some Grab Bag and everything in between. Here are the first 3



Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather ® Small Dover Drawstring Style: R08

Dooney & Bourke Over & Under - R50

Dooney & Bourke Over & Under – R50


Medium Shopper

What can you tell me about my $7 bag?

Hi Paula,
I recently developed a fascination with Dooney & Bourke bags after getting a duck bag for Christmas. One day I went to my local swap-meet and found a Dooney & Bourke bag for $7.00 dollars I was not sure whether to buy it or skip it, I figured if it was fake I only paid seven dollars. I did some research on the bag on one of your pages and I think I might have a authentic bag. From the research I did I think I have a (AWL) drawstring bag from the early 1980’s. The bag has a solid brass fob with a stylized backward D and A, all the stitching is one color a soft yellow and all the hardware is brass, no discoloration on it. The bag feel’s good and thick, what I am concerned about is that the bag has no registration tag inside. Also the inside has no pockets the inside material is like a suede or something. I hope you can help me out figure it out.
Thank you,
Front of AWL bagD&BDuckBottomInside of bag 2
Front of bag
HI Maggie,
Good going girl ! For $7 you did indeed purchase an older drawstring bag, made before the red, white and blue labels were sewn inside.
I’ve never seen the counterfeiters able to duplicate the quality and workmanship of an authentic Dooney and I don’ think any of them have attempted the padded strap !
I thought both of your leather keepers were missing but then I saw one slid up by the strap.
Although you didn’t send dimensions, yours is probably the Small Drawstring. Here is an example of a Medium Drawstring and when you click on the photo, it will take you to a page with more photos and details including showing the keepers I was talking about.

Would the 1980s Dooney & Bourke bags be worth more than later bags?

Hello Ms Paula! Hope you are Healthy&Happy today. Thank you ever so much for the wealth of knowledge you are willing to share w/ us AWL D&B ladies out here! I so appreciate you. Question-Would 1981-1982 purses be of more or less valuable than the years following? I do believe both of these are 1981-82. I got the one for my 16th birthday and the other I acquired later. Would these be of more or less value than other years? Thank you in advance. Joy

20130907_163625-1 resized

20130907_163816 resized20130907_164246-1 resized20130907_164851 resized20130907_164032 resizedHi Joy,

If there were three authentic Dooney & Bourke bags in a row and they were all in the same condition…….I’d say from the most valuable to the least valuable would be:

Early pre-tag DB Fob bag (such as yours) (made in USA)

Red, White and Blue, Made in USA bag

Contemporary reissue bag from the AWL collection (NOT made in USA)

That is if they were all in the same condition.

So yes an early pristine bag would be worth more than a later pristine bag and both would be worth more than the new AWL releases.

Your first bag, the white one looks nice !! The interior is clean and the British Tan is bright !!

But the taupe bag, with its soiled interior and darkened British Tan would have a greatly reduced value. So value is a combination of vintage and condition.

You can always buy authentic Dooney & Bourke bags on our website.



Questions about Dooney & Bourke Features – Authenticity

Hi Paula
I’m wanting to purchase a vintage, previously owned AWL bag/purse but am finding many anomalies and can’t seem to sort out real from imposter. I have reviewed your list of Dooney authenticity criteria but don’t see answers to the following:
Can you please tell me if Dooney ever just glued on it’s Dooney logo/seal or have they all been glued and stitched?
Can you tell me if Dooney ever did not have ‘dooney’ on it’s zipper tab or the DB on the grommets.
Have they ever used different size stitching in different places?
Have they ever NOT finished the edges of the handles and edges of leather or ever not double stitched the handles where they fold over the d-rings and attach to the grommets?
Hi Denise,
It sounds like you are shopping on eBay or in thrift stores and are trying to find authentic Dooney & Bourke items.
Once I start answering your questions you will see why it is not always black and white – there are some hard and fast rules and there are some that have changed over the years with Dooney & Bourke. So here again are your questions with my answers.
Can you please tell me if Dooney ever just glued on it’s Dooney logo/seal or have they all been glued and stitched?
Dooney oval duck seals are always stitched and sometimes glued but never JUST glued. One trick the counterfeiters use is to put stitching on the seal and then glue the seal in place. But if you look on the inside of the bag, you won’t see the oval ring of stitching because the seal is not stitched TO the bag. The authentic bags will have an oval ring of stitching inside.
Can you tell me if Dooney ever did not have ‘dooney’ on it’s zipper tab or the DB on the grommets.
 Yes there are many authentic Dooney & Bourke items that do not have Dooney on the zipper tabs. Some have nothing on the tabs and others, such as the Zipalong Wallets, use heavy metal RIRI zippers so the tabs say RIRI rather than Dooney.
Also there are many authentic Dooney & Bourke items that have plain rivets.
A side note here. A grommet is a metal eyelet – a reinforcing ring to protect a hole from wear – such as is used on a drawstring bag. I’ve never seen Dooney & Bourke stamped on grommets.
A taupe and British Tan Dooney & Bourke AWL Drawstring showing "grommets"
A rivet is a metal fastener that is hammered or pressed into place to hold two pieces of leather together.
It is the rivets that sometimes have Dooney & Bourke stamped on the bottom side of them……but sometimes the rivets are plain on authentic items.
Have they ever used different size stitching in different places?
Yes the stitching has varied throughout the years depending on the item. This is a difficult question to answer without seeing what you are looking at.
Have they ever NOT finished the edges of the handles and edges of leather or ever not double stitched the handles where they fold over the d-rings and attach to the grommets?
Finishing refers to the darker color on the edges of the leather.
On Dooney & Bourke’s trademark hand-stitched handles, I’ve never seen unfinished edges on a new bag – however it is a possibility that if a bag was an irregular sold in an outlet store, the edges might not have been finished. Also as a bag is used, the coloring of the finished edges disappears !
As far as the second part to this question, I’m having a hard time knowing what you are asking since there are no grommets there.

Palomino and British Tan Sherpa Backpack – Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather

The Sherpa Backpack is HUGE. Because you can really load it up, it comes with padded, two-tone shoulder straps for carrying comfort  – and they are adjustable so you can position the load where you want it.

The Large Drawstring Sherpa Backpack has the number 13 and when the bag has British Tan trim, the designation is R in front of the number.

So this rare Palomino Sherpa Backpack is R13.


Palomino Sherpa Backpack


Palomino Sherpa Backpack

Vintage Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather Made in USA bags – miscellaneous Q&A

Hi Paula.

I really like this bag.  It is the AWL drawstring sling in  Navy.   It is listed as small.  Does it come in any other  sizes?

Vintage Navy All Weather Leather Dooney & Bourke Drawstring Bag P64

If you look on on the Drawstring Handbag Page

you will see Small and Large bags, so yes, this does come in Large.

Dooney & Bourke often uses the word Small just to differentiate between various models of the same bag – the small bags are often quite roomy. Use the dimensions to tell you if the bag seems small or large to you !

And, when do you replenish inventory?

We replenish inventory weekly This week we will be adding backpacks. New bags show up on our “new items” page
so you can look at that every so often to see what we have just listed.

My main question is about the price. I see some bags listed for $275 when it states that it  retailed for $265 in 1996.  Why would a used bag cost more than a new  one?

The prices includes shipping to the US. These are vintage collectible bags because they are the ones made in the USA. Dooney & Bourke bags are no longer made in the USA. The vintage All Weather Leather bags that we carry were made in the USA.

What about the rating system?

Bag Condition Score Guidelines
10 Like New Just like new. Shows virtually no signs of use. All bags are pre-owned but the bags in this category do not appear to have been used.
9.5 Almost New May have faint signs of use (will be noted specifically in description) but is almost new. There might be a scratch or light wear on the brass or a tiny scuff or stain on the leather. Read the details and look at the photos.
9 Excellent No major problems. Everything is structurally in very fine shape and the bag has been very well cared for. Any slight problems will be noted in detail. There might be a scuff on the leather duck, or a very small stain inside. Read the details and look at the photos.
8 Very Good Normal wear but very good care. May have a minor issue such as one small ink mark or slight darkening of leather in a spot. All problems will be noted in detail. Read the details and look at the photos.
7 Good A bag that was used, well cared for and not abused. Will likely show some noticeable wear such as scuff marks on the bottom piping, some darkening of leather where handled such as the strap and fasteners. Read the details and look at the photos.
6 Fair Might need a cleaning, minor repair – details will note this. These bags are usually located in our Grab Bag section. Some might be in excellent shape except for one stain or blemish. Read the details and look at the photos.

We usually only try to offer bags that are 9s and 10s but sometimes when someone wants to sell us a lot, it might contain some 7s and 8s or perhaps even a 6. When we buy those lots, we put the more worn bags in our “grab bag” section.

I went to the mall today and every D&B I looked at was Made in China.  I called the Dooney & Bourke web site and they wouldn’t  tell me which purses were made where.  I  really want a Dooney made here but I don’t know if new is an option  anymore.
Please advise.  Thanks so much. Michelle

Dooney & Bourke no longer makes any bags in the US. All are made overseas, mostly China. That’s why we started our store ! Paula

Dooney & Bourke – Drawstring Bags

Are the small drawstring bags made any more?   I notice you say  1994
referencing price for  one.   Thanks, Bobbie

Hi Bobbie,

As far as I know, using my vintage catalogs as guides, most of the All Weather Leather (AWL) styles were discontinued in the early 1990s and the last catalog I have with a few limited styles that were Made in USA is dated 1999.
If you are asking about drawstring bags other than the AWL bags, I can’t
answer that. We are just into the original authentic Dooney & Bourke Made in USA AWL bags here.

Here are the drawstrings we currently have for sale

Authentic Dooney & Bourke Drawstring Bag

Authentic Dooney & Bourke Drawstring Bag


Authentic All Weather Leather Dooney & Bourke Bags