Accessory Week at Horsekeeping’s Dooney & Bourke Store

This week I gathered all those precious accessories that we used INSIDE our favorite Dooney & Bourke handbags.

Vintage All Weather Leather Dooney & Bourke accessories have a embossed label on the inside that says “Dooney & Bourke Made in USA”

embossed-dooney-mark-150wIf the Made in USA portion is missing, well that tells you it was not Made in the USA ! Whether it is an authentic Dooney & Bourke item, will depend case by case.

Here are a few examples of some authentic vintage Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather, Made in USA accessories with the item number and official name indicated.

W09 Organizer

W09 Organizer

W21 Checkbook Cover

W21 Checkbook Cover

G03 - Secretary

G03 – Secretary

WB 77 - Eyeglasses Case

WB 77 – Eyeglasses Case




Vintage Dooney & Bourke F31 Large Madison Clutch

Authentic Dooney & Bourke Wallet with Equestrian Style Closure

Authentic Dooney & Bourke Wallet with Equestrian Style Closure

For years I called this wallet an Equestrian Wallet because it has the same closure as the famous Equestrian Hand bag.

Authentic Vintage Dooney & Bourke Equestrian Handbag Closure

Example of Authentic Vintage Dooney & Bourke Equestrian Handbag Closure

But I finally got my hands on a 1992 Dooney & Bourke catalog that showed the actual model name and number.

Style F 31

Large Madison Clutch

Length 7 1/4 inches

Height 4 1/2 inches

Thickness 3/4 inch

F31 Large Madison Clutch

F31 Large Madison Clutch

The interior has

– 1 slip pocket for vertical tablet or organizer
– 5 credit card slots
– 3 Bill compartments
– 5 full-length slip pockets
– checkbook holder with pen loops (and pen when new)


Interior of F31 Large Madison Clutch


Interior of Large Madison Clutch

– ID slot with clear window

ID Window

ID Window

The exterior has one full length slip pocket

Exterior Slip Pocket

Exterior Slip Pocket

It retailed for $165 in 1992.

Vintage Dooney & Bourke Made in USA

Vintage Dooney & Bourke Made in USA

There are others in the Madison collection and I’ll list those when they come in over the transom.


Paula – I bought this Outback bag for a song – did I do good?

Hi Paula!

I really appreciate and enjoyed learning about D&B bags looking at your site. It is very helpful and informative, thank you!
I am writing because I recently purchased a bag which appears to be a Medium Double Pocket Outback bag. I got it for a song so am of course skeptical. I am no bag expert but with the help of your site I was able to deduce the name of the bag. I also compared it to the checklists for authenticity and it came out pretty well. I do not have the fob but the accents (brass, stitching, etc.) and material seem correct. The ducks eye has a rather small looking pupil though, and I the interior pockets (there are the correct number of them) are not made of leather. The interior zipper pull is Talon brand as well, not the ‘riri’. The interior sticker says R35 ST 80394346 and the bag is tan on tan.
I would very much appreciate any help you could offer at authenticating the bag. I think its a real stumper!
Thanks for all that you do,
back of tag Bag Back Bag Front Duck Emblem front pocket detail interior sticker under interior pocket tag


Thank you for taking the time to look at this bag. Please let me know if additional pictures would help you discern the bag’s quality. I bought this bag at a thrift store and am hoping that I found an amazing deal. Thanks again!!
Hi Sahsa,
You did good girl !! This is indeed authentic and a highly coveted model plus it is in a color that usually shows its wear – yours looks in pretty darn good shape.
You wondered about the interior pockets – you thought they should be made of leather. Actually most Dooneys have this type of snap, zip, credit card pocket combos and they are made from a Dooney & Bourke proprietary fabric-backed vinyl with a grain texture to look like leather. So you are OK there.
The riri zipper is only on certain models – your zipper for your interior pocket is fine.
The fact that the fob is missing is not such a big deal. What’s great is that the tag is there and unsnipped.  And it still has the sticker on the back side of the pocket.
The R35 is the model number and the ST stands for Saddle Tan. At first when you look at your bag you might think “All British Tan” but on closer examination, you can see that the British Tan Trim is a lighter color than the AWL of the main body of the purse. So your bag has the R designation which means a color of AWL (in this case Saddle Tan) with British Tan trim.
Here’s a similar bag we sold that you can click on to see all the specs.
354-outback-double-med-bonebt-frontThere was a line of 6 Outback bags, each with the characteristic molded front pocket (or pockets) and the turned solid brass toggle and braided leather cord loop. Here is the R34 Medium Single Pocket.
Enjoy your great find !! Paula

What kind of Dooney & Bourke questions do we answer on this blog? Do we sell on eBay?

We are passionate about vintage All Weather Leather Made in the USA Dooney & Bourke handbags, wallets and other items which we sell in the Dooney section of our website. We do not sell on eBay – just on our own website.

Therefore, if you have a question about a vintage AWL item, we would be happy to post your question on this blog with our answer.  We get many questions each week so I have created some general replies in response to your questions. When you write, you’ll likely get a form reply just to save us all time.

The types of questions we WILL answer include:

1.  If you wonder if an AWL bag you own is authentic. We will not appraise the bag or give you a value for it. But we usually can authenticate a bag from 3-5 good photos: an overall photo of the front and back showing the strap, an interior shot, a picture of the bottom, a picture of any tags. You can use a listing on our website for photo guidance.

For example: this small Essex – click on it and you will see some photo ideas


2. If you own a bag and you are thinking of listing it on eBay or etsy or somewhere else…….and you wonder if it is authentic before you list it,….write us. (We particularly love to help here to prevent people from selling/buying counterfeit Dooney items – eBay is flooded with them and in spite of us writing many sellers personally and/or reporting the counterfeit items to eBay, there is nothing done about it. So buyer beware on eBay !!!)

BY THE WAY – we do not sell on eBay so if you ever see a bag with a listing that looks like one of our web pages, complete with our copyrighted chart and info, please know that it is someone who has illegally copied and pasted our material to use for their eBay listing. If you would write me with either the item number or the URL when you see something like that, I would greatly appreciate it !! Here is our contact page

The types of questions we DO NOT answer are questions related to:

1. A bag you want to buy on eBay or etsy or another internet site (we don’t want to get entangled between you and a seller PLUS we have a Dooney store where we sell authentic bags !)

2. Fabric bags

3. Leather bags that are not All Weather Leather.

4. Questions related to “what’s my bag worth”. Putting a value on a bag we can’t see, hold, and sniff is just impossible.

There is nothing like a vintage All Weather Leather Dooney & Bourke handbag. Once you have owned one and see the quality of materials and workmanship, it is hard to choose anything else.

Here is one of my personal bags – a solid black large Horseshoe bag – that goes to town with me every time.

Black Horseshoe Dooney & Bourke


Would the 1980s Dooney & Bourke bags be worth more than later bags?

Hello Ms Paula! Hope you are Healthy&Happy today. Thank you ever so much for the wealth of knowledge you are willing to share w/ us AWL D&B ladies out here! I so appreciate you. Question-Would 1981-1982 purses be of more or less valuable than the years following? I do believe both of these are 1981-82. I got the one for my 16th birthday and the other I acquired later. Would these be of more or less value than other years? Thank you in advance. Joy

20130907_163625-1 resized

20130907_163816 resized20130907_164246-1 resized20130907_164851 resized20130907_164032 resizedHi Joy,

If there were three authentic Dooney & Bourke bags in a row and they were all in the same condition…….I’d say from the most valuable to the least valuable would be:

Early pre-tag DB Fob bag (such as yours) (made in USA)

Red, White and Blue, Made in USA bag

Contemporary reissue bag from the AWL collection (NOT made in USA)

That is if they were all in the same condition.

So yes an early pristine bag would be worth more than a later pristine bag and both would be worth more than the new AWL releases.

Your first bag, the white one looks nice !! The interior is clean and the British Tan is bright !!

But the taupe bag, with its soiled interior and darkened British Tan would have a greatly reduced value. So value is a combination of vintage and condition.

You can always buy authentic Dooney & Bourke bags on our website.



Dooney & Bourke Zipper Clutch R20

Hello! I just found your wonderful website and blog, and am hoping you can help me identify my Dooney & Bourke bag. It was a gift in the 1980s, and it looks very similar to the vintage Zipper Clutch you have on your site. It is all-weather leather, black and tan, with a “Dooney & Bourke, Inc. Made in U.S.A.” tag inside, with the number A1759857 on the other side of the tag. It has a outer pocket/sleeve on each side. I haven’t used it for years, and in cleaning out my closet, came across it and got curious about it. If you have time, may I send you photos?
Thank you,

Dooney-1 Dooney-2 Dooney-3 Dooney-4 Dooney-5 Dooney-6

Thank you! I know how busy you are, and I appreciate it.
Pertinent details:
1. Bag was received as a gift in the late 1980s (I’m too old to remember exact year!).
2. Bag is black and tan, all-weather leather (black leather is pebbled, tan is smooth).
3. Bag dimensions are approx. 10 3/4 inches long x 7 inches tall x 2 1/2 inches deep (measuring across bottom).
4. Bag has a metal zipper (pull tab on zipper says “Dooney & Bourke”), two outer pockets/sleeves (one on each side), two inside pockets/sleeves (one zippered with a metal zipper; the other open but with a leather tab that closes over a metal button).
5. The strap is quite long and attaches on each side of the purse to brass D-rings; the straps are removable.
6. Hardware – the zippers (inner and outer) are metal, and the purse hardware is brass; there is a fob with the duck logo that says “Dooney & Bourke All-Weather Leather,” and the grommets or rivets that attach the straps to the body of the purse also say (very tiny) “Dooney Bourke.”
7. Label – the label says “Dooney & Bourke, Inc. Made In U.S.A.” (label itself is white-ish, letters are blue, and they are surrounded by a red border); the back of the label says A1759857.
Any info. you can provide would be great and most appreciated!

Hi Pam,

Yes this is an authentic Zipper Clutch R20 and in great shape !


Can you help me date this Dooney & Bourke bag?

Hi Paula,

I’ve been reading your website and hoping you could help me. I purchased a vintage Dooney and while I’m confident it’s authentic, I’m hoping to try to find a date for it. It is an all-brown A6 zip top shoulder bag and in impeccable condition!! I’ve read a few articles, specifically about the zipper, that lead me to believe it’s rarer than some others of the same style.

The zipper is a small round zipper, circular with a hole in the middle, and reads “riri.” I can’t find a date of production but I found an article stating these bags are rare. Can you confirm that?

The inner tag reads A6 254983 on the underside and I was also hoping you could help me date it using the numbers.

Thank you in advance,


3 4 5 6 7 photo1 photo2Hi Brooke,

First of all, I have never heard of a Dooney & Bourke bag with the number A6.

Nor of one with the name “Zip Top Shoulder Bag”. Dooney & Bourke names are very specific and while there are Zip-Top bags and Shoulder Satchels, I don’t know of a “Zip Top Shoulder Bag”.  If you could provide the source for your information, it would be interesting.

Your “all brown” bag has the official Dooney & Bourke color designations of

Saddle Tan with British Tan trim.

Your bag is an R719 Vintage Zipper Case. This bag first appeared in 1996 as far as I know. It had a name change to Large Zip-Top (keeping the same number) sometime between 1996-1999. Here is an example of a bag just like yours. You can click on the photo to see all details.

770-R719-ziptop-bonebt-1As far as zippers, the riri zippers are made with heavy metal teeth and tabs and the only R719 bags I have seen have all had the metal riri zipper. Similar Dooney bags, such as the Classic Zip Top, do have plastic zippers.  Can you provide the URL for the article about the rarity of the metal zippers – it might be interesting to other Dooney enthusiasts.

As far as the date of manufacture, your bag is part of the “Vintage Collection” which first appears in my Holiday 1996 catalog. It might have been released before then but not before Summer 1994. It does not appear in the Summer 1994 catalog or any catalogs prior to that date. The Summer 1994 only shows the Classic Zip Top bags with the duck seal sewn onto the bag in the conventional fashion like this. Click on this photo to see more about the Classic Zip Top.


If you want to find out when and where your bag was manufactured, using the registration number, you will need to contact Dooney & Bourke customer service. Depending on who you get on the phone, you may or may not find the answer to your question. When I call, I get the feeling the employees are better versed in the new bags being made in China than the vintage bags. Some don’t seem to know how to access the historic databases.

Their website is Dooney & Bourke where you will find their contact information.

Best of luck in your further research and please share anything you find.

And YES, you got a GREAT bag!!!



What is this little Dooney & Bourke bag called?

Hi Paula,

I recently picked up an AWL Dooney & Bourke purse in what I think is pretty good shape. It caught my eye at the thrift store on half price day, plus it has all of the identifiers of a legitimate D&B AWL. You seem like a very knowledgeable person and I’d love it if I could send you some pictures so that you could take a look and maybe tell me some more about it? At any rate, your website already helped me to know what to look for when I was deciding whether or not to buy it.


picture128 picture160 picture161 picture164 Hi Kate,

Your cute little Dooney & Bourke bag is called “The Little Bag” R133 and is indeed authentic.

6 1/2″ tall by 6 1/2″ wide and 2 1/5″ deep at the base.

Although the shoulder strap is adjustable, it is not removable like most other Dooney & Bourke vintage All Weather Leather bags.

It has one slip pocket on the inside and one on the outside on the back.

Brass arrowhead push button closure on the front.

The original retail price of this bag was $98.

Made in the USA – yeah !!!

Yours looks in good condition and has a nice FOB and unsnipped tag. Way to go girl !


I bought this Dooney & Bourke bag at a thrift store – how much is it worth?


I just bought a Dooney and Bourke all weather leather handbag today at a thriftstore. I browsed your site and everything seems legit. I was wondering if you could tell me how much its worth. The serial number is a4 308883.
I attached some pictures.

Thank you and have a great day.


IMG_20130418_180432 IMG_20130418_180441 IMG_20130418_180449 IMG_20130418_180454 IMG_20130418_180502 Hi Cheyenne,

The bag you bought is a P81 Mini Rectangular Surrey like this one.

609-surrey-minirect-bt-frontIt is 8 1/2 x 6 x 3 inches.

It cost $195 when new.

As far as current value, condition is everything. I didn’t see the condition of the shoulder strap and whether your bag had the brass duck FOB both of which would affect value. Since your bag has the stain on the front left corner and pen marks inside, if it were in our store, it would be rated a 6 and be put in the Grab Bag section. I’d expect your bag would bring about $20-30 on eBay if it had no odors of smoke, perfume or mustiness.

What is the Grab Bag section at ?

The Grab Bag is our Bargain Bin.

Some Grab Bags have all the Dooney & Bourke authenticating factors, others might be missing a FOB or a sewn in tag with serial number. To the best of our knowledge, each and every bag in this section is an authentic Dooney & Bourke handbag except, of course, for the other bags that are in our “NOT Dooney & Bourke” section.

In some cases, the red, white and blue interior tag has been snipped or cut out. We have been told that some outlet stores must do this to sell the purses at a greatly reduced price.

We also put bags here that have more wear or darkening than normal, but we point out all the defects and list them at a very low price. We hope you might find one for a refurbishing project or one that will work as an extra bag for the tack room of your horse trailer or for transporting those special bits or spurs to the show.

Although we have vacuumed the interiors of each bag, aired them, and given them a preliminary cleaning, Grab Bags sometimes need a thorough cleaning, which we will leave up to you.

But getting back to yours Cheyenne, it is a 100% authentic Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather bag, Made in USA and with many years of good service left in it. Its value lies in its durability and usefulness.  And I’ll bet you got it at a bargain price.


Is this tote an authentic Dooney & Bourke handbag?

Hi Paula!

My mother purchased a what she thought was Dooney and Bourke hand bag some time ago for me. I have no idea if it is real and just want to see what you think about it. I know it said to not attach pictures without you asking for them, so if you would like to see pictures that would be great. After looking at your website I believe it fits in with handbags made in another country. The tag has Dooney & Bourke, INC. but no tag saying where it was made.

It would be great to find out if it is real!



!cid_1E988E83-B7C4-4178-9EF6-1333B3AA698A@Belkin !cid_84C28608-CF83-44C9-B1AB-A8877F107DF3 !cid_86E1ACB0-0E1C-44BE-A381-F830D710AE38@Belkin !cid_FEAC3D37-4ED3-4D1B-B263-C209DBDFB993@Belkin

Hi Courtney,

We contacted Dooney & Bourke about similar bags we have had in the store and here is what they told us.

“These are exclusive bags released to outlet stores such as Marshall’s and TJ Maxx and the bags ARE made in the USA. The leather label sewn on the back of the bag does say “MADE IN USA and if your bag still has a sticker on the back of the inside pocket, it will say Made in USA.”

Here is an example of a back pack we have in the store at this time.

786-U119-honey-1 786-U119-honey-2 786-U119-honey-6 786-U119-honey-7 786-U119-honey-8

Would you check to see if there is a sticker on the back of the inside pocket? And tell me what it says……..also, if you could send a photo showing the entire inside of the bag. Just open it up empty and shoot an overhead photo. Thanks !


Added notes from Paula:

Courtney wrote to tell me that the rivets used on this bag are stamped Dooney & Bourke and sent me a photo of the inside pocket.

!cid_3AD03956-06CA-4A38-BEB5-AB94D69E8275So I looked through all of my catalogs and although I found that the Small and Medium Totes look a lot like this bag, there are a few things that don’t look the same.

Courtney’s bag is much narrower at the bottom that it is at the top. The totes in the Dooney catalogs are the same width top to bottom.

Also, I am not familiar with this style of inside pocket.

Courtney’s bag looks like it is made from a type of pebbled leather but the only totes that were similar to Courtney’s were made of smooth glove leather.

So I can not give a definite answer on this bag although my gut feeling is that it is made by Dooney & Bourke for a certain outlet such as mentioned in the beginning of this post.

If it is an authentic bag, it would likely be one of these:

Small Tote: 8″ tall x 7″ long x 4 1/2″ deep and sold for $135 in the early 2000s.

Medium Tote: 11″ tall x 10 1/2″ long x 6″ deep and sold for $175 in the early 2000s.

The closest we have had in our store is the Small Shopper in All Weather Leather. It does have some things in common with Courtney’s bag but it has many features that are different.

621-shopper-sm-blbt-back 621-shopper-sm-blbt-front 621-shopper-sm-blbt-inside