Any thoughts about authenticity and worth of this Organizer?

Hi Paula,
I have an AWL Dooney planner with never used planner and address pages. Snap closure has “cherry” and a star. Has an area for business or credits cards. Also has a zippered side with pockets, like a wallet. Has a crossover adjustable strap never used. Has trim that looks braided and pinking shear cut. I would call this a 9.5 rating. There is no red and white tag in the inside, but has the duck logo on the outside. Colors black and beige with tan trim and inside. It is a beautiful
Any thoughts about authenticity and worth?
Thanks, Ina
Hello Ina,
This is not an authentic Dooney & Bourke item. It is fake. It is a knock off.  In terms of value as a Dooney & Bourke item, its value would be zero  $0.00
What is worse, is that it is not even close to being anything like Dooney & Bourke has ever made. It is an entirely fabricated design. The only thing remotely like an authentic Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather item is that the counterfeiters put a poor facsimile leather duck seal on it  – similar to the one used by Dooney and Bourke.
Here are some specific tell tale signs:
Dooney & Bourke has never made an item like this.
Braided trim has never appeared on vintage AWL items.
The shoulder strap design is not like any that have appeared on authentic Dooney & Bourke items.
The hardware is wrong.
The snaps are wrong.
It has a nylon zipper rather than a heavy metal zipper.
The interior and some of the exterior appear to be made from vinyl not leather.
The duck seal is not sharp and crisp, the duck is incorrect and the text around the duck is incorrect.
The duck seal is glued on, not sewn on.
If this was an authentic Dooney & Bourke AWL wallet, it would have a leather plate stamped on the inside or stamped and sewn inside that would say
Dooney & Bourke
Made in USA like this
w-char-tagOr like this
564-ccwallet-W06-navy-windowHere are a couple of organizers that are authentic Dooney & Bourke. Click on them to see more details.
Thank you for asking the questions and sending photos. I hope this helps you and others determine whether the item you might be trying to sell on eBay, for example,  is authentic or fake.
Best of luck and enjoy the authentic Dooney & Bourke, Made in USA All Weather Leather handbags !

Black and British Tan All Weather Leather Large Zipalong Wallet

The Zipalong wallet is the perfect companion for making a mad dash into the store for a quick shop.


The Large Zipalong Wallet

It has several pockets – one on the front with a snap flap. That’s perfect for coins and keys.


The front snap pocket

Inside there are several slip pockets good for bills and credit cards and a zip pocket for that precious photo of your man boy.


Inside the Large Zipalong Wallet

The Zipalong comes with a shoulder strap with trigger snaps so you can quickly add or remove it.

If you remove it, you can carry the wallet like a clutch or you can slip it on your belt because it has two sturdy leather loops on the back.


Trigger snaps for quick on and off of the shoulder strap. Belt loops.

When I travel, I like to wear this in the airport as it carries all I need including tickets and passport.

This is the large Zipalong, 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ and has the model number W52.

Wallets don’t have a sewn in authenticity tag like the handbags do but they do have a sewn in leather plate that says “Dooney & Bourke Made in USA”.