What Year was this Dooney & Bourke bag made?

Hi Paula,

Is this a new bag? Is there anything else you can tell me about the bag.  Which year it is from?  Was this one of the first types of bag they made, besides the equestrian and the tack bag?  Are there any marks at all on it?  How does it look hanging from the shoulder?  Anything else pertinent.

Thank you,  Michele

Hi Michele,

All of the Dooney & Bourke handbags on our website are vintage All Weather Leather handbags, made in the USA.

The one you asked about is vintage but it is newly listed on our site, so if you mean new listing, yes. New bag, no as all the bags are vintage.

We list new items daily and there will be several more Dooney & Bourke bags listed this week. You can keep track of new items here on our NEW item page.


Yes this bag was one of the first types of bags they made in the early 1980s. As far as what specific year, I have no way of determining. that.

Read about Dooney & Bourke history here


Everything as far as measurements and condition is outlined on the page. We note any defects with words and photos.We give each bag a condition score and the score legend is posted at the bottom of each page.

How does the bag hang from the shoulder? Nicely but I’m not really sure what you are asking…..the drop length is listed for each shoulder bag on our site and the shoulder straps are adjustable. You can read about drop length by clicking here.