Dooney & Bourke Leather Colors from a vintage catalog

This is the oldest Dooney & Bourke catalog that I have. There is no date on it but it does say Volume IV on the front.


From the models inside and the pricing note on the order form, it seems like it was printed in July 1987.

These are the colors and their names from 1987 – as you read the color names, note that the second photo should be next to the first one………………….

In the first photo the top two are Ivy and Rouge

then in the second photo, the top two are Wheat and Olive Brown.

And so on………..

colors 1colors 2

I hope this is of interest and is helpful.


Is the Vintage Dooney & Bourke “Bone” Color More White or Tan?

Hi Paula,

Your Vintage Carrier Shoulder Bag #725 is described as Bone in color but the pictures look darker. Is this a white/bone color or more of a tan color?


Bone and British Tan



Hi JJ,
Dooney’s bone color is an off white light creamy tan just like the photos. Each browser will make colors look different.
Dooney also has a white which is quite stark white !
White and British Tan