Palomino and British Tan All Weather Leather Pocket Binocular Bag from the Equestrian Collection

This darling little bag is unique in several ways.


First of all, it is part of the Equestrian Collection, thus it has the trademark front closure.

It is unique for its extra front pocket, thus the “Pocket” in its name.


It is small and square like it would be perfect for a pair of binoculars – thus “Binocular”.


And this particular one is in the rare and beautiful Palomino color.


This is a Palomino and British Tan Pocket Binocular Bag R124.

As always, I hope these blogs are helpful and interesting to other aficionados of vintage All Weather Leather, made in the USA, Dooney & Bourke bags.


Palomino and British Tan Sherpa Backpack – Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather

The Sherpa Backpack is HUGE. Because you can really load it up, it comes with padded, two-tone shoulder straps for carrying comfort  – and they are adjustable so you can position the load where you want it.

The Large Drawstring Sherpa Backpack has the number 13 and when the bag has British Tan trim, the designation is R in front of the number.

So this rare Palomino Sherpa Backpack is R13.


Palomino Sherpa Backpack


Palomino Sherpa Backpack

Dooney & Bourke – Drawstring Bags

Are the small drawstring bags made any more?   I notice you say  1994
referencing price for  one.   Thanks, Bobbie

Hi Bobbie,

As far as I know, using my vintage catalogs as guides, most of the All Weather Leather (AWL) styles were discontinued in the early 1990s and the last catalog I have with a few limited styles that were Made in USA is dated 1999.
If you are asking about drawstring bags other than the AWL bags, I can’t
answer that. We are just into the original authentic Dooney & Bourke Made in USA AWL bags here.

Here are the drawstrings we currently have for sale

Authentic Dooney & Bourke Drawstring Bag

Authentic Dooney & Bourke Drawstring Bag


Authentic All Weather Leather Dooney & Bourke Bags