Are these “Dooney & Bourke” briefcases on eBay fakes?

Hi Paula,

I saw a couple of neat-looking briefcases on eBay, but they give off a serious whiff of fake. No stamping on the rivets, material doesn’t look like regular AWL, color not the usual D&B green, etc. But they were interesting enough that I wanted to ask you what you thought. Given the differences between them, it seems really unlikely that they’d *both* be real – the more likely question is, are they both fakes?

Thanks and best regards,

black 2 black 3 black 4 black1 Capture green front Capture inside Capture snaps and straps strap pad

Good eye Dan !!
I have never seen a bag like these in all my years or in all my catalogs. They are both fakes. Isn’t it funny that they are both on eBay at the same time and that they are very similar knock offs  – neither of which look remotely like any Dooney authentic model, so just something a counterfeiter made up !
I used to report fakes to eBay but they don’t do anything about it, so I quit taking the time to write them.
Sometimes people list fakes knowing they are fake, sometimes they honestly don’t know. Perhaps they bought the bag on the faith it was real and are reselling under that same assumption.
But thanks for writing – I wish we could tell the people bidding they are buying a fake………..
Here are real Dooney & Bourke briefs
487-brief-firbt-front 815-P12-legal-brief-bt-1

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