Can You Help me Identify this backpack?

Hello Paula,
So I have this leather Dooney and Bourke backpack, and I’d like to know its worth. I’ve tried searching online both, the number on the metal clasp, and the number on the back of the tag, but I can’t seem to find any information about this bag. Could you please help?
Thank you
– Aryel
IMG_20130605_202325 IMG_20130605_202338 IMG_20130605_202422 IMG_20130605_202900 IMG_20130605_203205 IMG_20130605_203517Aryel,
This is a little out of my realm since we deal in vintage All Weather Leather bags. But I looked it up in my catalogs and here is the scoop.
I see it in my 1999 catalog
It is from the Cabrio Leather Collection
Backsling 614
11 3/4 x 9 1/4 x 4 /2
One outside pocket
One inside pocket
Sold new for $295 in 1999.
You show the back of the tag but not the front. Does it say Made in USA?
As far as its worth, I can’t tell from photos – that will depend on condition.
Damage, soil, stains, odors………..

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