Is this an authentic Classic Zip Top Paula?

Hi Paula,

I’m hoping to authenticate a classic zip top satchel find that I believe to be authentic but is missing the interior red, white and blue tag. I understand that earlier bags did not have the interior tag but this bag has the brass duck fob vs the earlier DB fob. So unless the fob was replaced or the tag was removed I’m not sure of its authenticity. I would greatly appreciate your opinion! Please let me know if you are able to examine photos of the bag. Thank you!

– Cassi

2 3 4 5 6 7 imageHi Cassi,

Yes and No.

Yes it is authentic.

No it is not a Classic Zip Top.

This is a Classic Zip Top

887-R19-zipclutch-ivybt-1This is a Classic Satchel

642-R29-ziptop-classic-firbt-frontAnd this is a Shoulder Satchel which is what your bag is………

840-zipshoulder-bonebt-1You can read about the History of Dooney & Bourke on our website

Characteristics of Authentic
Dooney & Bourke Bags

This blog is a labor of love of vintage All Weather Leather Dooneys and I am always glad to help with identifying and authenticating bags free of charge. It is my way of contributing to the knowledge base out there in hopes it helps prevent fraudulent sales from occurring.
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This bag is in really good conditon for being so old – can it be REAL?

Hi Paula,

I bought a AWL Dooney and Bourke at Goodwill and it looks real.  It has the card it in explaning the Dooney & Bourke All-Weather Leather, however, there is no tag inside saying it is a Dooney or where it was made.  It has the duck brass hang tag and the duck on the outside has the AWL on it.  The inside is a off white suede and bone leather. My concern is that it is in really good condtion for a bag that would be so old.  Any help you can give me would be much appricated.  Let me know if you want to see any pictures.
Card that was inside the purse Inside the card The duck hang tag The duck on the front of the purse The inside with the zipper and credit card slots The side of the purse The whole purseHi Donna,
This bag is not an authentic Doony & Bourke – it is a counterfeit bag.
You can read a post about a similar fake bag here

Can you help me date this Dooney & Bourke bag?

Hi Paula,

I’ve been reading your website and hoping you could help me. I purchased a vintage Dooney and while I’m confident it’s authentic, I’m hoping to try to find a date for it. It is an all-brown A6 zip top shoulder bag and in impeccable condition!! I’ve read a few articles, specifically about the zipper, that lead me to believe it’s rarer than some others of the same style.

The zipper is a small round zipper, circular with a hole in the middle, and reads “riri.” I can’t find a date of production but I found an article stating these bags are rare. Can you confirm that?

The inner tag reads A6 254983 on the underside and I was also hoping you could help me date it using the numbers.

Thank you in advance,


3 4 5 6 7 photo1 photo2Hi Brooke,

First of all, I have never heard of a Dooney & Bourke bag with the number A6.

Nor of one with the name “Zip Top Shoulder Bag”. Dooney & Bourke names are very specific and while there are Zip-Top bags and Shoulder Satchels, I don’t know of a “Zip Top Shoulder Bag”.  If you could provide the source for your information, it would be interesting.

Your “all brown” bag has the official Dooney & Bourke color designations of

Saddle Tan with British Tan trim.

Your bag is an R719 Vintage Zipper Case. This bag first appeared in 1996 as far as I know. It had a name change to Large Zip-Top (keeping the same number) sometime between 1996-1999. Here is an example of a bag just like yours. You can click on the photo to see all details.

770-R719-ziptop-bonebt-1As far as zippers, the riri zippers are made with heavy metal teeth and tabs and the only R719 bags I have seen have all had the metal riri zipper. Similar Dooney bags, such as the Classic Zip Top, do have plastic zippers.  Can you provide the URL for the article about the rarity of the metal zippers – it might be interesting to other Dooney enthusiasts.

As far as the date of manufacture, your bag is part of the “Vintage Collection” which first appears in my Holiday 1996 catalog. It might have been released before then but not before Summer 1994. It does not appear in the Summer 1994 catalog or any catalogs prior to that date. The Summer 1994 only shows the Classic Zip Top bags with the duck seal sewn onto the bag in the conventional fashion like this. Click on this photo to see more about the Classic Zip Top.


If you want to find out when and where your bag was manufactured, using the registration number, you will need to contact Dooney & Bourke customer service. Depending on who you get on the phone, you may or may not find the answer to your question. When I call, I get the feeling the employees are better versed in the new bags being made in China than the vintage bags. Some don’t seem to know how to access the historic databases.

Their website is Dooney & Bourke where you will find their contact information.

Best of luck in your further research and please share anything you find.

And YES, you got a GREAT bag!!!