Is this an authentic Classic Zip Top Paula?

Hi Paula,

I’m hoping to authenticate a classic zip top satchel find that I believe to be authentic but is missing the interior red, white and blue tag. I understand that earlier bags did not have the interior tag but this bag has the brass duck fob vs the earlier DB fob. So unless the fob was replaced or the tag was removed I’m not sure of its authenticity. I would greatly appreciate your opinion! Please let me know if you are able to examine photos of the bag. Thank you!

– Cassi

2 3 4 5 6 7 imageHi Cassi,

Yes and No.

Yes it is authentic.

No it is not a Classic Zip Top.

This is a Classic Zip Top

887-R19-zipclutch-ivybt-1This is a Classic Satchel

642-R29-ziptop-classic-firbt-frontAnd this is a Shoulder Satchel which is what your bag is………

840-zipshoulder-bonebt-1You can read about the History of Dooney & Bourke on our website

Characteristics of Authentic
Dooney & Bourke Bags

This blog is a labor of love of vintage All Weather Leather Dooneys and I am always glad to help with identifying and authenticating bags free of charge. It is my way of contributing to the knowledge base out there in hopes it helps prevent fraudulent sales from occurring.
Many of the answers are already on our website or this blog, so enjoy your browsing !
You can always buy authentic Dooney & Bourke bags on our website.

Does the Shoulder Satchel come in green with swooped tan leather?

Hi Paula !

I was wondering, does the shoulder satchel handbag ever come in a green color with tan trim? This appears to be legit to me but I wanted to make sure. The pictures are fuzzy. I have not seen a shoulder satchel with the swooped tan leather on the top front. Thank you for your input.  Molly

495045554045ll 3661416554045ll 5546991554045ll 9792732554045llHi Molly,

First the color. Yes, Dooney and Bourke has several green colors. This one is Fir.

The trim color is British Tan.

The “swooped” tan is a design element indicative of the “Vintage” collection.

As far as the model of this bag, this is not the Shoulder Satchel. You don’t provide dimensions but I would guess it is this bag:

Vintage Satchel 729

Height 7″

Length 11 3/4:

Width 5 3/4″

Two inside pockets

Detachable handles.

Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap.

20″ Strap drop Length

Brass Feet

Retailed for $295 in 1999.

You can read more about the Vintage Satchels here.

Visit our satchel page to learn more about the various authentic Dooney & Bourke satchel models.

864-R212-buckle-choccedar-1This blog is a labor of love of vintage All Weather Leather Dooneys and I am always glad to help with identifying and authenticating bags free of charge. It is my way of contributing to the knowledge base out there in hopes it helps prevent fraudulent sales from occurring.
Many of the answers are already on our website or this blog, so enjoy your browsing !
You can always buy authentic Dooney & Bourke bags on our website.

Is this $3.99 thrift store bag an authentic Dooney & Bourke?

Hi Paula,

I bought this bag for $3.99 at a thrift store. I thought it looked to be in ok condition (needs a good cleaning), but was wondering about the authenticity of it. There is no tag inside, but I’m still hoping this could be authentic.

Thanks for your help!
IMG_8729[1] iphone 031 iphone 034 iphone 039Hi Andy,
This is a counterfeit bag. Some  of the tell tale signs are:
The black interior with black pocket
Vinyl trim
The handles are riveted onto the bag permanently instead of being able to be unbuckled.
The way the handles are put together, the stitching and the edges.
Here is a satchel that the counterfeiters were likely trying to copy although there are several authentic satchels that are similar in features, just different in size.  Click on the photo so you can compare the details to your bag.

Bought at a high-end thrift store for $9 – is it an authentic Dooney & Bourke?

Hi Paula,

I bought a Dooney & Bourke purse at a thrift shop for $9. I’m fairly certain it’s authentic. I’ve been reading online on your website about how to tell if a Dooney & Bourke purse is authentic. The thrift store is very close to the wealthiest part of town (actually near the wealthiest part of the state) and most donations come from that area.

Would appreciate a 2nd opinion on it!!
Even if its fake, I will get my $9 out of it. 🙂
Thank you for your time!

photo 1 photo 2Oh yeah Andrea,

Even from these two photos, it is easy to see that this is an authentic Dooney & Bourke bag from the Vintage Collection.

This came in several sizes, the regular size which this one appears to be, and is called the Vintage Satchel. There is also a Vintage Mini Satchel and a larger version called a Vintage Shoulder Satchel.

Here is a Mini at 10″ x 6″ x 5″

862-B710-vintage-mini-wheatcedar-1And here is the Vintage Shoulder Satchel at 12 3/4″ x 8 1/4″ x 5″


If yours is 11 3/4″ long x 7″ high and 5 3/4″ deep, then it is the Vintage Satchel which retailed in 1996 for $295. It has Burnt Cedar Trim so its product number is B729

Those loops at either end are where you would attach the shoulder strap so you could use this as a shoulder bag, cross body bag or carry it with its handles like a satchel.

Good find !


Paula Can you Help Me Choose a Purse?

Hi Paula,

I would like your assistance in assessing purse sizes. I know you have all the dimensions written down on your website, I am a very visual person and my brain is getting boggled comparing the numbers. You have hands on experience with the bags.

Will you name a couple of bags that are the largest overall, while being narrowest at the base? I do not care for a purse that sticks out from my body a great deal and a 6″ base it too much for me. It is hard to choose a purse without being able to put it on so to speak. It has to “fit”/carry in a way that I like and be comfortable.

I so love the look of the vintage Dooney’s and am looking to purchase one eventually.



Hi Cheri

Really the best way to find what would work for you is to go to a dept store and find a bag that is the perfect size for you and measure it. It is hard for me to know what is comfortable for you as far as fit and carry.
But here is a style that is large, roomy and 3” deep, you can also carry it with a handle.
Bone and British Tan Carrier

Bone and British Tan Carrier

There are many other color combos


Fir and British Tan Carrier

This is a larger purse, one of our most popular, 3 1/2 inches at the base, other colors available
Black and British Tan Shoulder Satchel

Black and British Tan Shoulder Satchel

And here is another to look at
Bone and British Tan Cavalry Saddle Bag

Bone and British Tan Cavalry Saddle Bag

And if you really want big, we have totes and briefcases !!
All British Tan Legal Brief

All British Tan Legal Brief

Happy browsing.
Thank-you Paula! This information is very helpful. I think the shoulder satchel would be the best fit for me. Are the handles actually long enough to wear the purse on the shoulder with the purse tucked under the arm? The handle drop measurement on your website lists 6″. That may be to short for carrying it like that??
Hello Cheri,
I just got out 3 of the shoulder satchels and yes they all measure a 6” drop from the inside top of the handle to the zipper. I am a 5’7” average sized woman wearing summer clothes and the bag slips on my shoulder fine and tucks under my arm. However for a larger person or with winter clothes, it might be less quick and easy to slip on and off but it would be secure once it got there !!
That’s what Dooney & Bourke designed these to be – that’s why the handles on the Shoulder Satchels are  longer than their normal satchels which are intended to be carried by hand.

Dooney and Bourke – Difference between the Classic Satchel and the Shoulder Satchel

Hi Paula,

I’m loving the Norfolk Satchel!

Is the Classic Satchel the same as the Shoulder Satchel? I’m interested in buying one of them.

Thanks, Anne-Marie

Hi Anne-Marie,

The two bags you are asking about are in the same Dooney & Bourke Collection – one they call Zipper Top Cases.  They have zip tops with extended zipper, are fully lined with leather, have hand-stitched detachable handles. Also, depending on the year the bags are from, both would have detachable, adjustable shoulder straps. However, in early years the Classic Satchel did not come with a shoulder strap.

The Classic Satchel R29 is 8 inches tall x 11 3/4″ long and it is 5 1/2″ deep at the base. It has 6 brass feet on the bottom.

The Shoulder Satchel R21 is 10 inches tall x  13 long and it is  3 1/2″ deep at the base. The bottom is smooth leather, with no brass feet.

Here are some photos to show you the differences.

Classic Satchel R29

Classic Satchel R29 Bottom

Shoulder Satchel R21

Shoulder Satchel R21 Bottom