I don’t want to sell a fake on eBay – can you help?

April 27, 2-14

Hi Paula

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise!
I purchased a bag with a Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather emblem on it at a
thrift store.  I was thinking of selling it on ebay but I don’t want to sell a fake. Help!
Here is a description of several features:
The fob is the older style with a stylized backward D and a B and seems to be
The Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather duck is sewn on;
It is dark leather with tan trim – no lining;
It has a removable shoulder strap and a handle;
Inside is a flap with a zippered compartment and 4 credit card pockets;
It measures approximately 11 1/2x10x5 inches;
The bag closes with a buckle which is stamped solid brass;
The rivets on the strap are marked Dooney & Bourke but none of the other
rivets are marked;
The strap has the impression of the numbers 102 21 pressed into it;
There are 4  studs on the bottom; and
There are no registration tags.

I think it is an authentic bag but I am concerned because the shoulder strap
is a single piece of leather and I noticed that most of the bags in your
pictures have a shoulder strap with a buckle. On your web site it is mentioned
that the earlier bags do not have registration tags but since this is an All
Weather Leather bag I was not sure if it was old enough to not have a tag.

I would really appreciate any help you can provide.

1 exterior back 2 exterior front 3 inside

5 Inside behing duck

Back of duck seal showing it is sewn on (authentic) not just glued on (counterfeit)

4 bottom7 interior

Hi Lucy,

Thank you for your patience and good photos.

It is great that you are checking on authenticity before listing and I’m happy to help.

By the dimensions you supplied, I’d say this was an authentic Medium Carpet Bag which did not come with a shoulder strap. So that fake shoulder strap was added by the former owner. Toss that shoulder strap and get listing !!!

We had a Small Carpet bag in our Bargain Barn a while back. You can look at it to compare all but the dimensions.


This blog is a labor of love of vintage All Weather Leather Dooneys and I am always glad to help with identifying and authenticating bags free of charge. It is my way of contributing to the knowledge base out there in hopes it helps prevent fraudulent sales from occurring.
Many of the answers are already on our website or this blog, so enjoy your browsing !
To ask a question, follow the instructions here
If you are selling your Dooneys, the process is outlined here http://www.horsekeeping.com/Dooney/Dooney-Bourke-buying.htm
You can always buy authentic Dooney & Bourke bags on our website.



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