Is this Goodwill find – a bucket drawstring – an authentic Dooney & Bourke?

Hey Paula!

I recently found two dooney bags at goodwill. I’m 95% certain they are both real, but one of them is a bag that I’ve never seen before. It’s in excellent condition and I’d love to get some info on it… I can’t find any photos online that look like this bag. It’s a drawstring bag, but has some different characteristics.

The things that make me so certain are the high quality of the leather, as well as little details. The inside zipper says “talon”, it has the red white and blue tag with a number starting with A, the leather strap on the fob also looks like the original from my other bags. The stitching on the strap looks like the stitch design as well.
I would love to get your opinion on it, I’m pretty sure it’s authentic but it’s so different from the other bucket/drawstring totes I’ve seen.
P.S., photo #10, the metal grommet reads “Dooney Bourke”
Thanks!!!! Cat
1) Dooney front 2) Dooney_back 3) Dooney fob and duck 4) Dooney duck and tassle 5) Dooney side 6) Dooney_strap 7) Dooney_inside 8) Dooney_madeinusa 9) Dooney # 10) Dooney interior grommit 11) dooney_bottomHI Cat,
Congratulations ! You have found a very nice R10 Dover Carrier. It appears in my 1992 catalog so probably was first released around then.
The Dover Bags are characterized by the sturdy, hand fitted base. The harness leather of the base is saturated with water and stretched around a wooden form. Once dry, the leather retains the precise shape of the mold. A strip of leather is added around the base to reinforce the seam and give the bag the definitive Dooney & Bourke signature.
The R10 Dover Carrier measures 9″ tall and is 9 1/2″ from left to right at the base. It is 4″ deep from front to back.
It has an outside back pocket, inside pocket with three compartments, brass feet, a hand-fitted base and a detachable hand-stitched handle. It sold for $335 in 1992.
Good going girl !!

4 thoughts on “Is this Goodwill find – a bucket drawstring – an authentic Dooney & Bourke?

  1. Does Dooney and Bourke use solid brass on the hardware of their bags? The reason I ask is because there is lead in brass and isn’t that harmful to have on handbags? Did they use solid brass back in the 90’s as well or is it something new they started doing if they are doing it?



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