Is this Tri Fold Wallet an authentic Dooney & Bourke?

Hi Ms. Paula,
I was gifted this wallet a few years ago and was wondering if this wallet was authentic.
Seemed authentic but not sure ..
the inside is stamped
Dooney and Bourke
No: 3997
The duck  is written/stamped exactly like this:Dooney & Bourke Duck
No: 3997
Thanks for any help …
041943427_2f80241b2a7dbc2d17b822823b47f64e78c63dbf 042011952_717ea4a618d52f9aed0eb3d77f3879fafd52a817 042046726_868fe1e0b6cb47d0c021a41460d140aed4ff5eaa 042112731_08c7b3e50cf81275ca28f9a7a05d4888c57e0eef 042117438_612b17af09ac14de33d61fdabb56908bb156b427 042136633_c3141384a779fa998c845f986750f19828e13f4c 042137165_dfb56c8bcf35d466fbbcaf07a3428d6da994e7e0Hi Liz,
The wallet you have is a counterfeit. Here is an authentic Dooney & Bourke wallet with some similar features to the one you have. I would imagine this is the model the counterfeiters were trying to copy. Click on the photo and it will take you to more photos and details.
940-slim-zip-clutch-bonebt-1 940-slim-zip-clutch-bonebt-2

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