Did Dooney & Bourke ever make a leather purse like the Coach Station bag??

Paula,  Do you know if Dooney & Bourke ever produced a leather purse just like the Coach Station bag??  This would have to be wayyy back in the beginning I would guess, as there is no identification in it, but it has the inside pocket configuration as a Dooney AWL bag.  It also has hardware very much like Dooney hardware.  Any input would be great!

I just didn’t know if you were familiar with the extremely old Dooney styles or not, didn’t want to waste your time otherwise.  I know when Coach first started out, they had very little identification in their bags, and some all you had to do was remove a small tag and you would never know it was Coach.  I didn’t know if that could hold true for Dooney too.

I know they never produced this bag in AWL or after that,  but I didn’t know if they ever did BEFORE then, maybe when they first started making bags in the 70’s??  What makes me wonder is the inside pockets, quality and hardware.  I am VERY familiar with Dooney bags, and actually am a local designer purse authenticator.  The purse caught my eye because I first thought it was a Coach Station bag, but it is not, but I started thinking Dooney after looking at it more closely.  The three photos are the only things I think would help unless there is something I am not thinking of.

Thank you for your time, and if you don’t know, that is fine.  I didn’t know if you had resources that went back that far, or if every single purse Dooney put out since day one was labelled.  Maybe it is pre-green sewn in tags??   Do you know when they first started using the multiple pocket flap in their purses???  I don’t know of any other high quality brand who uses them.


DSCN1034 DSCN1035 DSCN1036Hi Michelle,
I don’t have any catalogs that go back this far, that is, as you suggest, pre-green tag days.
It certainly looks like it could be a smooth leather bag before they perfected their famous pebbled All Weather Leather.
The only bags I have seen from the very early era were made of very stiff bridle leather. like this one.
Your bag looks thick and soft, almost like glove leather.
I really can’t offer anything definitive but my gut feeling is that it is a Dooney & Bourke bag.
Perhaps another reader has seen a bag like yours and can offer more information.

3 thoughts on “Did Dooney & Bourke ever make a leather purse like the Coach Station bag??

  1. Paula, i still have this bag, and it is pretty stiff leather, not like Coach station bags. I sent it in to Dooney, and they send me a letter saying they could not repair my bag (though I wasnt getting it repaired, nothing is damaged) because it was fake… I called and they emailed me saying it was a fake Surrey bag, omg. Mind you, i sent a VERY detailed letter, saying this bag would need the eyes of someone who has been involved in D&B products since the beginning of the company. I responded again last week, explaining this, and they still haven’t responded again. It isn’t a “fake” because there are no trademarks inside. The mystery continues…


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