What kind of Dooney & Bourke questions do we answer on this blog? Do we sell on eBay?

We are passionate about vintage All Weather Leather Made in the USA Dooney & Bourke handbags, wallets and other items which we sell in the Dooney section of our website. We do not sell on eBay – just on our own website.

Therefore, if you have a question about a vintage AWL item, we would be happy to post your question on this blog with our answer.  We get many questions each week so I have created some general replies in response to your questions. When you write, you’ll likely get a form reply just to save us all time.

The types of questions we WILL answer include:

1.  If you wonder if an AWL bag you own is authentic. We will not appraise the bag or give you a value for it. But we usually can authenticate a bag from 3-5 good photos: an overall photo of the front and back showing the strap, an interior shot, a picture of the bottom, a picture of any tags. You can use a listing on our website for photo guidance.

For example: this small Essex – click on it and you will see some photo ideas


2. If you own a bag and you are thinking of listing it on eBay or etsy or somewhere else…….and you wonder if it is authentic before you list it,….write us. (We particularly love to help here to prevent people from selling/buying counterfeit Dooney items – eBay is flooded with them and in spite of us writing many sellers personally and/or reporting the counterfeit items to eBay, there is nothing done about it. So buyer beware on eBay !!!)

BY THE WAY – we do not sell on eBay so if you ever see a bag with a listing that looks like one of our web pages, complete with our copyrighted chart and info, please know that it is someone who has illegally copied and pasted our material to use for their eBay listing. If you would write me with either the item number or the URL when you see something like that, I would greatly appreciate it !! Here is our contact page

The types of questions we DO NOT answer are questions related to:

1. A bag you want to buy on eBay or etsy or another internet site (we don’t want to get entangled between you and a seller PLUS we have a Dooney store where we sell authentic bags !)

2. Fabric bags

3. Leather bags that are not All Weather Leather.

4. Questions related to “what’s my bag worth”. Putting a value on a bag we can’t see, hold, and sniff is just impossible.

There is nothing like a vintage All Weather Leather Dooney & Bourke handbag. Once you have owned one and see the quality of materials and workmanship, it is hard to choose anything else.

Here is one of my personal bags – a solid black large Horseshoe bag – that goes to town with me every time.

Black Horseshoe Dooney & Bourke


4 thoughts on “What kind of Dooney & Bourke questions do we answer on this blog? Do we sell on eBay?

  1. So right Paula! Ebay shopping for “Vintage Dooney” is rampant with fake Dooney bags being sold. I’ve bought a few myself over the years, thinking I was getting the real thing until I opened it.

    As Paula points out, once you feel and see the real Dooney, you’ll have no problem telling which ones are fake and which are real.
    Most Ebay sellers do not realize they are selling a fake until you buy it and get back in touch with them. Just a couple things to look for: The Dooney Brass Duck fob will be thicker and heavy for its size, compared to the fake ones. Also if it has 2 sides with a duck-fake! The type of stitches is also a very different characteristic on real Dooneys. The stitches should be small and tight, not big and loose. Some thoughts to consider when purchasing your Dooney! JoAnna


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