Can you tell me if this Dooney & Bourke bag on etsy is authentic?

Hello my new dooney and Bourke guru 🙂

I am a new danish fan of Dooney and Bourke Vintage AWL and hoping to own my first one soon. I have seen a Norfolk satchel on etsy (like ebay but without bidding) that I am wanting to buy maybe, but there are no measurements in the description of the bag. I have asked the seller, but think she is away right now. There is no info about the size, if it’s a mini Norfolk or..? How many sizes of Norfolk was made? How can you tell the difference from only a picture, any signs? I am only really interested in the Large size, the larger the better. I could refer you to the add with a link, so you don’t have to receive a picture?
Also I think the bag is authentic, what do you think? (no shoulder strap but I can replace that, because of the navy color I can use a strap from another bag that I have)
It is totally up to you if you want to take a look at the add or like to answer of course.
Thanks for a great blog!
Best regards, Rina, Denmark

Hi Rina,

We don’t comment on or authenticate bags that are being sold on eBay or etsy or other internet stores.
Therefore, don’t send me photos or a link as I won’t answer your query specifically since you are asking advice about something you want to purchase on etsy.
I suggest you write the seller with your questions and wait until she answers.
But maybe you can also find the answers to some of your questions from OUR store !!!
The top section shows the bags we have for sale and there are a few Norfolks there.
809-R06-norflolk-sm-firbt-1 845-R07-norflolk-navybt-1
The bottom section of that page shows those we have recently sold – again there are Norfolks there……..scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you’ll see this in a dark blue bar
“See More SOLD Satchels and Totes”
Click on that and you’ll go to satchels we have sold a year or so ago.
You could also visit our Grab Bag section (where we list bags that have more wear) doing the same drill. Look at items for sale, recently sold and more sold – you might see some Norfolks there for your reference.

4 thoughts on “Can you tell me if this Dooney & Bourke bag on etsy is authentic?

  1. Rina, It’s easy to understand your anticipation of owning a Vintage Dooney of your very own. While it’s tempting to want immediate answers to your questions, I agree with Paula, wait for the Etsy bag owner to get back to you. Something about that specific Vintage Dooney speaks to your taste.
    Meanwhile one of your questions I can answer is regarding how many sizes of Norfolk bags was made by Dooney. In the early 1990’s came these wildly popular Norfolk bags in 5 sizes. I’ve personally never seen the largest called the R97 Norfolk Carry-On which was a whopping 13″ Tall by 20″ long, however Paula may have seen or even sold one of these prized beauties.

    Norfolk by Dooney 5 sizes:
    Norfolk Satchel
    Large Norfolk Case
    Norfolk Carry-On
    Small Norfolk Case
    Mini Norfolk Case

    May your Vintage Dooney quest meet with success! JoAnna


    • Thank you for your input and great info about the Norfolk! I ended up buying another bag which I just got in the mail today! A Vintage All weather leather X-large hobo bag with 6 brass feet and (acoss body) long shoulder strap, all black with black trim, from a trusted american seller of Dooney and Bourke (who told me this is a rare large sized hobo). I am hooked! Thanks again, Paula and Joanna. Cheers, Rina


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