This bag has a tag that says Dooney & Bourke Made in the USA – is it real?

Hi Paula,

I recently bought a purse and I was wondering if it was real or not? I was looking at your blog and the purse does not have a serial number though it does have the tag that says “Dooney & Bourke Made in the U.S.A” though it is not sowed in.
!cid_0BE7C5CC-1D8B-40A0-8BFE-01E598B375B0 !cid_0E7F72A8-F6EE-412C-B9E4-6BADA45EDB4C !cid_03C8731F-65F3-462F-BF5C-D49AEE36CD8D !cid_4BD22CE3-1E18-43FF-A82F-12219ABBB2D9 !cid_309CA6BB-A170-4FC7-A333-4E6CC615F4C7 !cid_CFBE8AE6-7249-4859-9748-5DBEC127ABB9Hi Marianne,
This is a fake. I’m not even sure what bag they were trying to copy as Dooney & Bourke has never made anything that looks like this.
Telltale signs that this is counterfeit:
The pasted in tag
The black interior
The little ties on the front
The toggle fastener
The way the handles are attached to the bag
The way the strap is attached to the trigger snaps
None of these things have ever been on a Dooney & Bourke bag.
Perhaps the counterfeiters were trying to copy this bag??  Click on the photo to see detailed photos and specs.

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