Is this satchel an authentic Dooney & Bourke and if so, what is it worth?

Hi Paula,
I really don’t know much about this bag, it belonged to my Aunt and I am not sure where she bought it. There are no tags, so I am thinking it is around 1981 or 1982 or it’s a fake.
The stiching on the Duck Seal looks a little uneven to me, plus there is no stiching on one of the inside flaps, so this makes me question this bag.
If it is authentic, would you be able to give an estimate on it’s value.
Thanks again
001 002 004 006 007 010 011 012Hi Brenda,
Its a fake. Here are some of the features that tell me so:
The trim is vinyl
The interior has the wrong pockets – see the bag below to see what the interior should look like
The feet on the bottom are wrong – see the bag below to see what the feet should look like
The brass duck FOB is an obvious counterfeit – very poor casting
The handles are permanently attached rather than being removeable.
Here is a satchel that the counterfeiters were probably trying to copy – click on the photo and it will take you to a page that shows all the details and specs.

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