Mystery Dome Bag – Is this an authentic Dooney & Bourke

Hi Paula,

I recently purchased a D&B bag from a flea market and after searching the internet and scouring your website (very helpful, by the way!) I can’t seem to identify the bag. It seems to be a dome-shaped satchel of some kind with adjustable straps that are held in place by brass clasps.
It looks like this bag, except it is white with british tan piping. Also, the zippers have the Riri mark.

Could you help me identify my bag?
Many thanks!
brass fastens detail brass fastens_open D&B logo interior of bag serial number tag whole bag zipper detailHi Erendina,
This is an interesting bag and one I have never seen. I can not say definitely if it is authentic or not as it does not appear in any of my catalogs. I am posting all the photos in case someone else recognizes it and knows the name, model number etc.
As far as the bag on etsy, it says is an 80s bag yet I have all the catalogs from the 80s and 90s and it does not appear.
We have had and sold an authentic Domed Satchel R144 which looks like your bag in some ways. Click on the photo and it will take you to the SOLD page with more photo and details. You can compare the similarities and differences. If yours and the bag on etsy are counterfeit bags, they likely were trying to copy this bag.
From my perspective your bag has some features that are consistent with authentic Dooney & Bourke bags, namely:
The overall look
The pebbled leather
The riri zipper
And the sewn in tag – I am hot and cold about the tag – although it seems to be the right format, there is something about the weave of the red, white and blue side and the faint stamping of the serial number on the back that don’t look right to me.
Which leads me to some other questionable features:
The lining – MOST Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather bags are unlined. The interior is the suede side of the leather. Your bag has lining and pocket features I have never seen.
The adjustable handles. I have never seen this feature on any authentic Dooney & Bourke bag.
So the jury is still out and when it comes to authenticating a handbag, I err on the side of caution. You bag is guilty until proven innocent.

5 thoughts on “Mystery Dome Bag – Is this an authentic Dooney & Bourke

  1. Dooney did make a bag just like this. I have one…the only difference is that mine has an all black exterior and is smaller. The green lining is the same as are the adjustable handles. The tag looks the same and also starts with A7.I bought it from a Dooney outlet (so tag is cut in half lol) so I know mine is authentic. I wish I could remember when…IIRC it was around the time the bowling ball bags trend (for all purses) was ending.


      • I too have the same bag in black with adjustable handles and the same green lining. My tag also begins with A7 and the tag is cut as well. It measures 13 3/4″ across the bottom and is 9 1/2″ high. I bought it at a Dooney & Bourke outlet in 1995 or ’96. It’s in excellent condition and I still love it!


  2. I’ve been finding this blog so helpful, and have learned a lot here, Paula so first of all thank you!

    I think I found this tote, I saw one for sale on Etsy and have been on the fence about it because I couldn’t find any information about it anywhere but love the shape and the handles. This morning I found a Facebook page that has some catalog pages posted in their photos so I started looking through them not really expecting to find it when there it was on the bottom of the page. It looks like the Metro Zip-top satchel, I hope this helps!


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