Dooney & Bourke tag does not say Made in USA……..what does that mean?

Dear Paula

First of all i want to say how much I adore your blogs. It has made me love Dooney and Bourke even more.
I have bought a Dooney and Bourke Essex in Large size and from the looks of it everything looks real to me except the tag. It only says ‘Dooney and Bourke Inc.’ On the front part so I assumed that it was made in a foreign country but the code starts with an ‘A0… ‘ the white sticker says it is made in the USA too. Though the sticker does not match the bag. (I don’t know if it’s supposed to ..)
Could you please let me know if this was an ok situation for the tag?
Thank you for your time!


IMG_20130808_1 IMG_20130808_2 IMG_20130808_3 IMG_20130808_5 IMG_20130808_6 IMG_20130808_7 IMG_20130808_8 IMG_20130808_9 IMG_20130808_10 IMG_20130808_11

Thanks for your reply!
I have taken several photos of the bag. I wish it is real.. I will wait for your answer and hold on the decision of keeping the bag or returning to the seller.
Thank you again for your time!


Hi Faith,
I rec’d the photos and can tell you my answer is similar to this answer
It is probably an authentic Dooney & Bourke bag, made in the USA for a special outlet.

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