Is an ALBA handbag made by Dooney & Bourke?

Hi Paula!

I was wondering if Dooney and Bourke made bags for other brands? For example, I bought a bag at a thrift store that says ALBA on the oval seal instead of the duck sign, but it has the tag that holds the duck sign and the “Dooney and Bourke All Weather Leather” around it. It’s in excellent condition, but no registration tags or anything. What do you think???



IMG_20130804_115213 IMG_20130804_115308 IMG_20130804_115319 IMG_20130804_115400 IMG_20130804_115437 IMG_20130804_115512Hi Anneli,

This bag is not made by Dooney & Bourke. There are a number of things that show it is not.

Much of this bag is made of vinyl, rather than leather.

The duck fob is a counterfeit.

The interior has black pockets, rather than British Tan.

The handles are permanently fastened rather than buttoned on like an authentic Dooney.

Many other quality of workmanship and materials issues.

I think what you have is a bag made by the Alba Handbag Company which sells hundreds of handbag styles that have the look of designer bags but at prices between $10-30. You can google that company and look through their bags to get an idea of the type of bags they manufacture and sell.

I also searched in eBay and found several Alba handbags very similar to your for sale from $5-10.

Thanks for the question. You can always buy authentic Dooney & Bourke bags on our website.



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