Is this a rare or fake Dooney & Bourke briefcase?

Hi there,

Your website and blog were really helpful! Thank you!

However, I still did not find my bag/briefcase anywhere. Is it rare or fake?

I found a listing on ebay of my bag- there was only one I could find.

The only difference is that my bag is all brown- I think it is called Peanut and British Tan.

I would be happy to email you pictures. Thanks so much for any help you can provide.


Hi again,

As I went back to compare the bags (mine and the one of eBay) I did notice some differences:

My bag has another front compartment for credit cards, pens, pouch, and flat area for a zipper. Inside there are more compartments- up to six!

I cannot find any numbers or tags other than the brass and leather tags on the front.

It was in the family unused for a long time, and my great aunt is not one to get a fake anything.

Thanks again for the help!

Hi Erin, This is a fake.


Dooney & Bourke has never made a bag/briefcase that looks anything like this. This one seems to made of vinyl, with vinyl trim and vinyl shoulder strap. The latch and tag on the front – never on any Dooney models.


This latch and key configuration – never.SAM_2551

This is a counterfeit duck seal which has probably been stitched around the edge and then glued onto the bag.  Dooney & Bourke stitches the seal onto the bag.SAM_2552

The brass duck FOBs are easily counterfeited.SAM_2553

The rivets are wrong, both the ones that attach the handle to the bag and those that are on the handle themselves. The keeper rings – never used on authentic bags.SAM_2554

Dooney has never made a briefcase with compartments and zip out sections like this.SAM_2555 SAM_2556

Authentic briefcases have unlined interiors which are the suede side of the leather that the bag is made from. The dark lined interior – a dead giveaway.SAM_2557 SAM_2558Hardware not like any used with Dooney. The authentic briefcase has a shoulder strap that buckles on the bag. SAM_2559To see the features of an authentic Dooney & Bourke briefcase visit our vintage Dooney & Bourke store.


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