Is this an authentic bag in the Dooney & Bourke Bayou Collection?

Hello Paula,

My mom found a Never used Dooney and Bourke purse in her closet and gave it to me, she’s not certain how old it is, but thinks around 10-15 years.

Ive been googling everywhere to try to find it, but am not sure if its real since I can’t find it anywhere. The number also is only on a metal tag having on the outside of the bag, no sewn tag on the inside. All the rivets on the bag are engraved with Dooney and Bourke, and the duck pictures is only on the other side of the ID number tag. (so the ID number is on the back)

Inisde the bag is even a yellow registration card with the ID number on it. however the ID number starts with an E!.. E60110 is the number on everything. again, there are NO tags on the inside tho

So my question is is it real? since it was a gift, it could be much older than when it was given to her. not sure.
It is a cognac brown alligator looking satchel style bag, with dark brown vinyl bottom and piping and handle. Very nice looking, but…

please help solve my mystery!

P.S. sent later – I found the ID tag on the inside of the bag A2 489375. Still cant find anything on the internet about the purse tho. Just curious how much its worth if i were to try and sell it.
Thank you



Hi Leigh,

When your question first came in, I thought that this might be a part of the Bayou Collection. We specialize in vintage All Weather Leather bags, so the Bayou is a little outside our area of expertise, but I did remember seeing similar bags in some of our catalogs.

So I looked through the Bayou Collection and see that it was offered in the catalogs we have from 1999-2001 so your mom’s estimation of 10-15 years ago is just about right.

HOWEVER, although there are over 15 different styles of Bayou bags in the catalog, none are like yours.

The Bayou Collection is made of vegetable tanned calfskin that has been imprinted with an alligator pattern. The catalog says nickel-plated hardware. And each piece has a nickel rectangle with a duck on it on the front of the bag.

You bag has what appears to be brass or gold tone hardware and no duck rectangle on the bag. Also I don’t see any bags that have black vinyl trim and shoulder strap. Or for that matter, black trim of any kind. I would be very surprised if Dooney & Bourke would use vinyl on a bag that they have made of hand rubbed vegetable-tanned calfskin.

So although you have a number on a tag that matches a number on a sheet of paper and you have found a sewn-in tag, I can not identify this bag from what I see in the catalogs. If it is an authentic Dooney & Bourke Bayou bag, the closet bag to it in style retailed for about $295.

With all that said, it has many authentic features: the red, white and blue Made in USA sewn in registration tag, the workmanship, even the base plate and brass feet look very Dooney. But I can’t give you a model number or name. Perhaps this was a special release bag made for TJ MAXX or a department store, so it is different than the Bayou line offered in Dooney & Bourke’s regular catalog.

I suggest you call Dooney & Bourke and give them the number on the back of the sewn in tag and see if they can tell you more about it. As them for the model number and name of the bag and its original retail price. Please let me know what you find out so I can post the information on this blog.

You can always find authentic Dooney & Bourke bags on our website.


5 thoughts on “Is this an authentic bag in the Dooney & Bourke Bayou Collection?

  1. I have the AWL Dover R10 style of bag. Is the hardware on that bag solid brass or gold over silver? If it’s solid brass, is it coated so it won’t tarnish?



  2. I have a dooney & bourke bag that I want to know if it is authentic. Can you help.I can send a picture. It was purchased probably 15-20 years ago. Just want to see if it is real.
    Thank you


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