Is this old Zip Top a rare Dooney & Bourke model?

Hi Paula,

I have a request about an early model DB top zip purse. It has a green label inside and a round DB brass tag hanging outside. It is made of part leather and canvas or wool. Vintage Safari looking. A fall 1982 or 1983 model from your descriptions. Is this a rare make, it has no other labels outside. What would it be worth?

Best regards,

Michael from Norway

1 2 3 4Hi Michael,

I’ve never seen a bag like this.

The green tag looks like an authentic early tag.

It is possible that this is a prototype bag from the early 1980s. I have never seen any green tag bags made of out fabric. Which doesn’t mean they didn’t exist or that a few were made to test the waters. Of course this was not an AWL bag since it is not made from leather so should not have a duck seal or AWL strip on the outside.

Although the fob is the correct vintage type for that era, it, and its leather thong, look in far too good condition for their age.

Can you send photos of the two ends showing the strap attachment, the strap buckle and the bottom of the bag? Perhaps a better one of the interior too.


3 thoughts on “Is this old Zip Top a rare Dooney & Bourke model?

  1. Hi Paula! Thank you for a great website-I have learned a LOT from you.

    I just purchased a Dooney EXACTLY like this except it is red. When I receive it I will take a bunch of pics and send them to you, if you don’t mind.



  2. I have an equestrian like one In near perfect condition. The majority is tack leather but down the middle, about 2/3 Of the flap is an oatmeal colored cloth, I would venture to say it’s wool. It’s in near perfect condition, also with a fob strap in perfect condition. It probably wasn’t used much


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