Is this Peanut Colored bag a genuine Dooney & Bourke?

I bought a vintage peanut color Dooney and Bourke shoulder bag. I got it at an estate sale. It is the first Dooney and Bourke I have owned. I was wondering if it is genuine. It appears to be but, I am just not finding any pictures anywhere of the exact one I have found. It has no tag but, does have the stitched on duck logo. I have pictures ready to send if you are interested. Thank you, Lori
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This is a fake or knock off bag. It is not an authentic Dooney & Bourke bag.
There are numerous features that tell me this.
First of all, there is no Dooney & Bourke bag that looks like this. There are similar Zip Top bags but none like this.
The trim and shoulder strap appear to be vinyl, rather than leather.
The shoulder strap attachment, buckle and end of the strap are all different from an authentic bag.
The stitching has the wrong look – wrong color, thickness and pattern.
The tab on the back slip pocket is not on Zip Tops but even so, the tabs that are on Dooneys do not have that reinforcement plate underneath.
The inside is all wrong (see what an inside should look like below).
The four studs on the bottom of the bag – I’ll show you what the bottoms of this type of bag would look like.
Even the duck FOB is a bad imitation.
So, here are some similar bags that the counterfeiters probably were trying to mimic. You can click on the photos to see more about the bags:
The next 3 photos are of a Vintage Zipper Case
770-R719-ziptop-bonebt-1 770-R719-ziptop-bonebt-3 770-R719-ziptop-bonebt-5The next 3 photos are of a Classic Zip Top
887-R19-zipclutch-ivybt-1 887-R19-zipclutch-ivybt-3 887-R19-zipclutch-ivybt-5Paula

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