I purchased this bag in the UK last year – is it an authentic Dooney & Bourke bag?

Hi PaulaI purchased a Dooney & Bourke handbag in a store in Manchester UK last year. I liked the bag and it was vintage selling at £50.00 (approx $75 US). I would now like to sell it and saw your webpage.

Please could you tell me if this is an original Dooney & Bourke Allweather Leather.

I cannot find any labels or tags etc in the bag. It is a smallish brown bag, a zip going along the top and has an emblem of a duck.

Please advise
Many thanks

IMG_2409 IMG_2410 IMG_2411 IMG_2412 IMG_2413Hi Fiona,
No, this is not an authentic Dooney & Bourke bag.
I think the counterfeiters were trying to make it look like a Mini Norfolk Satchel.
Here are some key features that show it is a knock-off.  The stitching on the bottom, the vinyl material and the studs on the bottom
closeup of bottom
The handles are quite different in style, shape and length and they are permanently attached to your bag. The authentic bags have removable handles.
closeup of handle attachment
The interior pocket is the wrong style, color and stitching plus it is permanently attached. The authentic bags have removable inner pockets.
closeup of inside Here is an example of an authentic bag of that type. You can click on any of the photos and it will take you to the page with all the details.
809-R06-norflolk-sm-firbt-1 809-R06-norflolk-sm-firbt-3 809-R06-norflolk-sm-firbt-4

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