Paula, Is this a real or fake Dooney & Bourke?

Message: Hi Paula, I love your website and blog. I was recently at a consignment shop and purchased this advertised Dooney and Bourke, AWL blue and tan XL travel bag. The zipper pull is metal, has a Dooney and Bourke makers mark on it…. There is no tag on the inside, and the DB mark is not on the oval tan label on the front of the bag. Is this an early DB? The bag also had the lock with it to secure the zipper locked during travel. It is in a Dooney and Bourke box and it has the Old Norwalk address……and it says the lock was made in China…………the pieces on the bag are brass,,,,,the bag was missing the strap(BOO) and there was a small mark inside the bag that shows a small spill. The bag is quite large….it measures 20″ x 14″ x 9 inches wide in the side panels.Can you please help me identify if this is a “real DB”…..


db lock and key_1

Hi Kim,

The dimensions you mention are similar to the Dooney Gladstone Duffel Bag R93 that sold for $775 in 1994………

Here is a previous blog about an authentic Gladstone Duffel.

I will point out some concerns I have about your bag.

I have never seen a Dooney oval with out the duck.

no duckThe stitching on the handle looks rough.

odd stitching

The stitching overall is not up to Dooney quality and standards.


However, there is the Dooney name on the zipper pull which is a positive.

db 5And the interior pocket looks correct which is often not duplicated by counterfeiters.


So…………my opinion is that it COULD be a knock-off or authentic. If it is authentic, then it is an imperfect that was probably sold at an outlet store at a greatly reduced price. Often outlet stores remove or snip the inside tags so the bag can not be registered with Dooney & Bourke. Although it really bothers me that there is no duck seal on the bag, there are many other features about the bag that look authentic, so I’m leaning toward this having been a defective bag sold at an outlet store without registration tag.

If it were a knock off, most counterfeiters would for sure have added a leather duck seal, so it seems more like a “second” than a fake.

12 thoughts on “Paula, Is this a real or fake Dooney & Bourke?

  1. I saw a dooney and bourke in a thrift store, but it has a y and s label inside and a y and s tag hanging on the zipper pull. Other things seem to be authentic. Have you seen this?


  2. Paula,
    Regarding Kim’s Gladstone R43 Duffel: My sister and I both have authentic Dooney Gladstone Duffels, (mine’s an R40 her’s is R43). They have 2 brown ovals. Front oval has the duck, back oval is blank. So, I concur; if Kim’s duffel only has one blank oval and nothing on the front, it’s a factory second. But, it’s still lovely and usable for the rest of her life. They never wear out!! Got to love Dooney and Bourke1


  3. I purchased a Dooney all weather bag at a thrift
    Store. I’m not sure if it’s real or fake. The label
    Inside just says “Made in China” not the usual red, white & blue label I am familiar with. How can find out if it’s real?

    Thanks, Sonja


  4. Hi there I’m just throwing this out there to help others to know wether they have a fake dooneyandbourke purse. I have a green medium size crossbody purse. There’s no red and blue tag. There’s no Dooney&bourke stamp anywhere except the oval duck logo the hang tag and the dooney and Bourke made in USA in rectangular tan tag that is glued to the interior bag. The zipper pull say k&k. It has brass rivets on the exterior too. I can send photos. Hope you can give me your thoughts if this is authentic or not. TIA!


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