Dooney & Bourke – Drawstring Bags

Are the small drawstring bags made any more?   I notice you say  1994
referencing price for  one.   Thanks, Bobbie

Hi Bobbie,

As far as I know, using my vintage catalogs as guides, most of the All Weather Leather (AWL) styles were discontinued in the early 1990s and the last catalog I have with a few limited styles that were Made in USA is dated 1999.
If you are asking about drawstring bags other than the AWL bags, I can’t
answer that. We are just into the original authentic Dooney & Bourke Made in USA AWL bags here.

Here are the drawstrings we currently have for sale

Authentic Dooney & Bourke Drawstring Bag

Authentic Dooney & Bourke Drawstring Bag


Authentic All Weather Leather Dooney & Bourke Bags

3 thoughts on “Dooney & Bourke – Drawstring Bags

  1. I am trying to authenticate some Dooney & Bourke handbags I’ve acquired. They all have the red white and blue fabric tag with a number on the backside.
    1 -Can you tell me if the drawstring bags are ever made without grommets?

    Thank you,


  2. Yes I have a dooney and bourke bag, I believe it’s vintage and it say genuine leather with the eagle on it and made in mexico. I want to make sure its authentic. Can you please help me.


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