Dooney and Bourke – Difference between the Classic Satchel and the Shoulder Satchel

Hi Paula,

I’m loving the Norfolk Satchel!

Is the Classic Satchel the same as the Shoulder Satchel? I’m interested in buying one of them.

Thanks, Anne-Marie

Hi Anne-Marie,

The two bags you are asking about are in the same Dooney & Bourke Collection – one they call Zipper Top Cases.  They have zip tops with extended zipper, are fully lined with leather, have hand-stitched detachable handles. Also, depending on the year the bags are from, both would have detachable, adjustable shoulder straps. However, in early years the Classic Satchel did not come with a shoulder strap.

The Classic Satchel R29 is 8 inches tall x 11 3/4″ long and it is 5 1/2″ deep at the base. It has 6 brass feet on the bottom.

The Shoulder Satchel R21 is 10 inches tall x  13 long and it is  3 1/2″ deep at the base. The bottom is smooth leather, with no brass feet.

Here are some photos to show you the differences.

Classic Satchel R29

Classic Satchel R29 Bottom

Shoulder Satchel R21

Shoulder Satchel R21 Bottom

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